Dragon Soul Slayer


Well I am back I decided to take a break from subliminals for two months and now I am glad I did. When I saw the email for Dragon Reborn I knew it was a sign that I made the right choice. I have a question since I am using the masked versions can I listen to that for six to eight hours by running it on a loop? Then after I run through all four stages can I run Dragon Reborn Ultima by itself?


Dragon Reborn is an excellent choice, @spiritman23. Am going to start it soon myself.

Regarding your question about number of loops, SubClub has updated the power of the current subliminals such that playing even 1 loop per day will get you going. 8 loops at the start will be too much.

Start with 1 loop per day in the first week. Then 2 loops per day the next week etc. Take 2 days rest per week every week.

And yes, you can run Dragon Reborn Ultima by itself after running through all four stages. That’s the best time to do so. All the best!



Doubt you’ll ever need 8 loops :smiley: best start with 1-2 loops per day as Raphael suggested.

After you go through all you can add Ultima, yes.



Hey Raphael

Thanks for letting me know that. I haven’t been around awhile, I am currently playing it right now. I plan on keeping track and providing updates.


That explains it. Looking forward to your updates, my friend.


I’ve put this in the Questions section since I see no journal here (yet). Feel free to alter the title or make a journal entry (in which case I will move it back).


I did five loops a few days ago mainly out of boredom and curiosity. The last couple of days I have run two loops at the most. Friday I also ran a loop of Elixir as well.


Dragon reborn looks good. Is it also released in the q store?


Well I just finished two loops. On my second loop about half through I felt energy going through throat and down to my heart. I am going to take it day by day if I going to do two loops or one. My two days that I won’t be running this subliminal will be Tuesday and Wednesday.

One question since this program is 4 stages should I be listening to each stage for 30 to 32 days?


@khan - not yet, my friend. I did check. But am sure they will add it in due time.


I plan on 30 days minimum and perhaps 60 days maximum each stage. That is my plan for now.


I would run the last stage twice as long as each previous stage. My standard is 42 days per stage (1-3) which is 30 days of exposure in total since I take two days off per week. So the 4th stage would be 84 days in total. Are you planning to stack it with anything?


It’s up to you but I would say 30 days is the minimum. You may also consider playing the final stage a bit longer the the previous stages. Are you planning to stack it with any Utlima?


Yes. I think DR seems to be working to amplify the results of other healing subliminals such as Regeneration and ARES, although I can’t definitely prove it.


What about stacking it with Ultimas. Like LD, Elixir or Rebirth? I would run Stage 1 with LD, Stage 2 with Elixir, Stage 3 with BLU and Stage 4 with Rebirth and then with DR Ultima.


What I plan to do is run through the whole program and then run Utlima for maybe three months. I don’t plan on stacking anything while running DR. I think if I use another program while using DR that might weaken the results.


Sounds ambitious. Keep us posted on your results.


I can. I lisen yesterday to my RegenerationQ custom with 20 healing modules In it. It reached so deep that I vomited in the train I was sitting in.
:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:. :station:. :joy: :sweat_smile: :joy:
And I did make my head dizzy from 1 loop normally I have that after 14 days straight exposure to a custom.
Today I feel Regeneration Q is still working.
Never felt it for so long


The Ultimas I mentioned would work with DR in synergy, at least in theory, since they have similar objectives. I’m wondering what @Fire and @SaintSovereign would say about that.


I’m considering DR still but most likely I’ll give it a try soon.