Dragon Reborn & Shadow Work?

I have been fascinated for a while about what Jung calls Shadow Work. I’m curious if Dragon Reborn as a whole helps facilitate this process?


I’m pretty sure @Varuna could answer this for you.


I’d say Khan is about the shadow.

Shadow work is about integrating your dark side. Not so much about “healing” it.

But DR will help I guess.

I think all subs on a base level help with it because they being out Your true self.


Hmm. Am running both DR and Khan. And it is possible am doing shadow work without even knowing it.

@JCast - DR + Khan + EoG could just be the right challenge for you. Are you up for it?


Have you heard of scott kiloby yet? He does a form of self inquiry that he also considers shadow work - making conscious those unconscious “parts” of ourselves. What is KI? – Kiloby.com


I don’t see why not

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No, it doesn’t uncover those parts of you because it acts so fast and naturally that those “shadow” parts of you are no longer there to get explored. Besides you dgaf about them because they just vanish.


Interesting proposition. I’d need to read into Jung a bit but I think he said you can’t ever let go of the shadow. It follows you everywhere.

Then again I worked through so much stuff already with ZP I recently also felt like some older shadow parts are just not there anymore.

I’ll meditate on that.

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So I skipped Jung but been reading “The Mastery of Self” by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. recently and in there is the idea of the Ally and the Parasite.

Both come from the voice in your head. That’s the narrator. But one of them obviously supports you and operates from UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for yourself (the Ally).
The other is based on CONDITIONAL Love for yourself (the parasite).

The former is only satisfied with what you do when you do certain things. It only accepts your good sides (not the Shadow).
The Ally accepts you whole (LBFH anyone?) and loves you whole. You speak from positivity and love.

Morphing the Parasite into the Ally according to the book is done by showering the parasite with unconditional love.
You won’t turn negative self talk or negative habits into good ones with even more negative self-talk.

This is why LBFH works so well, as @SaintSovereign said he uses a new technique there to solve issues by using A TON of self-love and love. And as anyone who ran LBFH can attest, this works like a charm.

I think you can “overcome” the Shadow by showering the bad sides of yourself with LOVE for yourself.
Acceptance by loving you WHOLE. Then are more likely to go away because you have uplifting self-talk, and this will focus you generally more on things that are positive for you.

Or so my theory.

What if there is no shadow? What if there is no parasite?
What if by creating those categories of Identity/Archetypes we are actually contributing to the sense of inner separation, to the idea that theres really parts of us, some more lovable than others and by that actually making it more difficult to love ourselves.

How can we love ourselves WHOLE, when we are attached to a belief system that creates separation.

Seems to me that there are things we did, things we have learned and things that we havent done, havent already learned.
Consciousness is not fragmented until we accept the belief that it is, then create categories and criterias to decide where we fit our experience and begin to find (or is it create?) those fragments.


In the same way that a worried mind looks for things to worry about, you fix the problem and the worry stops just for long enough till the mind finds something else thats not right to worry about. It thinks that it have to solve everything thats not " right" in order to stop worrying, excepts it can create endless worries.

A mind that creates separation will believe that it has to integrate all the fragments in order to be at peace, but it has the ability to create endless fragments.

It seems to me that creating solutions from the same belief system that created the problem in the first place is not the best choice.
How we can transcend that belief system has proven itself to be a better road.

Alchemist is the program that does just that… It helps transcend all the programming. Maybe LBfH too ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


Fair point.

After all, if you feed the “parasite” (which, ultimately is just part of yourself) with love, you will eventually just end up with one thing. That is you. Whole.

Or so I think.

But I am digging this idea. DIGGING it. Ego, Shadow, whatever. All bs. It is all us. Part of us. One of us. One.
Love it all or don’t love it at all.
Screw the second part.

Love who you are.

Separation might come from people trying to better themselves to achieve.
But then again, there is this thing that happens to many that are out chasing, that once they are on top of the world, they realize all they were seeking was already within them.

What’s your thought on that?

How does one accept oneself fully, but still go out and achieve things? Move humanity ahead?


I dont know!! Im not even gonna entertain the idea that I can answer that question.
I think I know a way to find out though, I posted it on my journal and you already commented on it.


At this point in my journey Im focused on questioning what we assume as TRUTHS about humans, consciousness and the universe, in order to deconstruct them, rather than trying to ressolve the dilemas that arises from such assumptions.
If that makes sense…


That’s definitely the right order :wink:

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Don’t skip Jung.

He’s the one who defines our modern concept of the Shadow.

And it’s not evil.

This is a straw man discussion.

No one said that the shadow was evil.

The shadow is that which is excluded from the light of awareness and familiarity.

It’s all of the places behind your head.

Is there any object in this Cosmos that only has a front side? And no rear?

Only an up side? and no down?

Rear is not bad.

Down is not evil.


There is evil in the shadow. Just as there is evil in the light.

The shadow is everything that you can’t—won’t—include; and yet it is still there.

If you still have anything to learn, then you still have a Shadow.

If you still have anything to discover, then you still have a Shadow.

If you still have anything to explore, then you still have a Shadow.

Personally, I haven’t even seen 1% of this one planet that we live on. And this planet is not even .000000000000000001 % of the visible Cosmos.

And the visible Cosmos is apparently not even 5% of the non-visible Cosmos.


It’s mostly Shadow.

That’s not bad.


We merely said that by defining something as Shadow and Light you automatically, inherently split your being in (at least) two.
This contradicts the idea of the oneness.

Being one, and INTEGRATING the shadow (which is what Jung proposes) just brings you back to being one. However, it is done via a label of splitting, so idk.
Still, the Toltec idea does the same since humans just like to label things :smiley:


Okay. Sorry that I mischaracterized that part of your point. It seems that this is more of a Dualism vs. Non-Dualism kind of discussion that you’re having, than a good and evil one.

I may not have read closely enough.

But the point still seems more analytical than practical to me.

Saying that there is a dark side of the Moon and a sunlit side of the Moon does not imply to me that there are somehow two Moons.

It’s perfectly possible for there to be two contrasting conditions held within the same overall phenomenon. (And as you say, it’s possible and common for there to be many more than two.)

It’s after midnight in Beijing right now and it’s almost noon in Los Angeles.

Does acknowledging this fact lead to a split in one’s Earth concept?

On the contrary, it seems to me that accepting that the Shadow exists is the fundamentally integrative move. What one chooses to do next after that, is more a matter of personal preferences and aesthetics. (And in fact, that’s where the ‘work’ comes into it; in that choice of what to do next.)

In other words, if a person—some rare ‘Asia and Melanesia-denier’—who has been living in Los Angeles begins to acknowledge that Beijing exists and ceases to deny that everything on that side of the planet is real, then that person has further integrated her concept of the planet Earth.

Her intellectual concept.

After that, the choice of whether or not to travel to Beijing and become familiar with it is another matter. Another step she might choose to take.

In either case, it’s that second step—the step of Choosing to Engage—that is the real meaning of Shadow work, whether we choose to call it Shadow work or whether we use some other name.

It is not primarily a philosophical or intellectual position. It’s a practical exploration of the areas that were not previously included in your map of self and of world (i.e., Identity and cosmology).

The places where we are afraid (or ashamed or disgusted and so on) to go, to touch, or to explore.

You can call it Shadow Work, you can call it Tantra, you can call it Self Inquiry. But the point is that it’s a project that you do, not a belief to be espoused.

Shadow work is the decision to go outside into the street, lift up a manhole cover, and climb down beneath the streets to see where all the human waste goes.

It’s not as simple as saying “I believe in the sewer! There. Now we’re done!”

That’s nice, but it’s not Shadow Work.

Shadow Work is the journey of climbing down into the sewer, touching, seeing, smelling the things that we usually prefer to flush away; and spending time with the thousands of rats and everything else down there.

Personally, I’ll take my Shadow Work in small doses. It’s not something that can ever really be ‘finished’.

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