Dragon Reborn, new year, new life


Hello everyone,

This is my first post in the forums, but I’ve been lurking around for several months.

Just a few minutes ago I decided to purchase Dragon Reborn. After reading some journals and the program description, I thought it may be a good fit for me.

Why? Because I’m full of excuses, overthinking everything, a bad habit which has put me in a position that I’m not enjoying.

I don’t want to bore anyone so I’ll not go into details, but to sum it up I want to change careers and earn a living online.

I’ve been learning to program for a few months now and even tho I enjoy every bit of it (I’ve always been a computer enthusiast, but I’ve not followed this path professionally) I’m having the same self doubt thoughts that I’ve always had, every time I’ve wanted to make a leap forward. I’m tired of this.

I’ll be listening to 2-4 DR loops for 5 days every week and will take 2 days off, as per the instructions in the accompanying PDF.

I’ll be posting my progress once per week or so. I plan to listen to each stage for at least 2 months and level up only if I feel ready for it.

My best wishes for all of you on this new year.


Welcome and best wishes on your healing journey. I would only recommend that if you are going to keep your online journal entries to once a week that you keep an offline/written journal so that you can jot down anything in the moment that you happen to notice. These things tend to slip our minds later. Again, welcome and looking forward to seeing your results :slight_smile:

P.S. what kind of programming are you learning?


Welcome and good luck :slight_smile:



I take note. I’ll be jotting down every little change/realization I notice.

Regarding your question, I started with Python, then changed to Go, then returned to Python to seriously learn it. Then I realized my CS knowledge is lacking severely, so while learning Python I started the CS50 2020 online course. I completed all 8 weeks. I’m only missing the final project, which I’ll delay until probably this next summer, when I’ve more competency with Python. I want to develop something that I can be proud of and not rush it.

My main goal is to be rapidly competent in some language and start building stuff asap. Then keep learning along the way.

Thank you both for the welcoming!


Nice that’s awesome! I’m also in the CS50 class! I’m still on week 1 Scratch though. I don’t have any ideas for games/story for project and have been so busy that I haven’t made time to sit down and work on it. Congrats to you for finishing all 8 weeks :slight_smile:


Welcome @Varnotte


I admire your courage!:trophy:


Your invitation…

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Dragon up so you can Dragon on!



I rolled my eyes so hard at that it gave me a headache for a moment


So you know the headache is not from reconciliation.


@RVconsultant That one at least