Dragon Reborn Custom by Dragonrider


Here it is :grin:

Dragon Reborn st 1
Iron Frame
Discordia Deliverance
Current Invoker
Gratitude Embodiment
Serum X
Inner Voice
Joie de Vivre
Submodel Alpha
The Merger of Worlds
Dragon Tongue
Blue Skies
Spiritual Freedom
The Flow

Let’s go and Rock n Roll


Sweet, that’s a nice custom. Best of luck man


I did the first loop 1 hour ago
Finished 2 min. Ago.
I was sitting in a chair and Coud not even move one bit.
My belly is burning and many thing happened
Update tomorrow
Now I go to sleep if I can


Day 1

I did one loop before bed.
I slept fantastic naturally full
I feel balanced, my head is quiet
Headache are gone or let’s say DR work so good that they only appear for a minute and then start to disolving
My body feels as if it’s fuller of life
I heard myself screaming during the loop, that’s old trauma and it’s nearly gone

I thought that it will be a heavy custom but it’s somehow lighter than anything I tryd until now
But also denser


32 hours ago I did the first loop and didn’t have the feeling of doing another one.
Today right after I stood up I had an panic attack related to when I was 18 years old. I just realized that I can let it go and since 10min it’s flushing out. Then I was running to the toilet and shitted the fear out.
Whats interesting is, that the process of future trauma eradication is already working with past traumas. I never ever had such a calm state of facing the trauma-state, recognizing it and let it pass trough without falling into any tiny bit of the state

As a custom DR st1 realy processes nonstop.
The real Deal
Thank you Subliminalclub

Now I am ready for the second loop


Day 3
Somehow the same listening pattern happen
1st loop then 3 days break
Yesterday half hour before bed I lisen to one loop after 30min I go to bed and let the rest play over the phone, plus 1loop of the ultrasonic.
I stood up 30 min ago
First thing I noticed is:
I am very centered
Quiet in my mind
Then some trauma reactions appear, I saw how I blocking my awareness, i fix it quickly, now is ok
Heavyness is disolving more and more
I feel somehow lighter, less grumpy
My head feels washed
Tensions disolving
Right eye tensions gone.

That’s fantastic


You know, this centeredness is what I might be missing in EQ, or at least what I am afraid to miss in EQ once I change my stack for good.

I’m on Stark right now for a week; Perhaps I can continue with Stark until January if DR would keep me feeling grounded and centered.


It should as that’s what it does for me.


Grounded and Centered Deluxe


This is heavy

I have this feeling that I am alone and Desperation is so high that I can’t concentrate on what’s going on in the outer world.
I have Paine I my heart
I don’t want to be alone
I want a relationship so that I can love a fine woman
It hurts realy bad

How can this topic fuck me up so much


Since 2 days I have to stop the loops.
I think I made a mistake 2 days ago.
Out curiosity I lisen to my Regeneration Q custom with all healing modules in it.
Since then I am bombarded with unhealthy emotional states. I had crying attacks, Panick attacks, times where I need to scream, pressure in my head like crazy, ever present feelings of loneliness, Paine in my heart and chest, pessimistic most of the time.
I even complain like a little bitch to others and here instead of handle it.
Its like I changed into a little girl



Damn. Hang in there mate, it’s gonna get better. I had some sort of reconcilliation the other day, the feeling of dread and just extreme anxiety and irritation. SanguineU made it right plus some tea.

Keep your mind off things, listen to some favorite songs, or watch a movie.


In the beginning of st1 I had some bad heartache.
I felt exactly like being dumped by a girl that you love deeply.
Don´t try to hold on to the pain. It is caused by the sub and will soon pass.


regeneration unpredictably sends me into tail spirals with similar effects.
DR is a tough run but it gives me a sense of power, authenticity, and groundedness in dealing with stuff.

Regeneration has me feeling like I’m on a bad drug trip-not all the time, but randomly and often enough. I think I’m done with that hot cake, even in my dope custom with it…for a while.


Probably the 20-module limit you exceeded, @friday and I are able to confirm this theory from our own experiences.


Let me check that

Maybe I made a mistake but the cores don’t count as a Module.
With Regeneration Q it’s 21 modules in total?
But I have in every sub 20 modules + the cores in and no problem.
This fuckt me up big time anyway, now I deal with the shit. Today I get some power back and can work with the states.
Boooaaaa this was ugly, 4 days like a women who had here period. Maybe I am more genuine to women from now.
On the other side I am thinking of doing it again, when there is so much unhealthy energy in me I need to clean it out.

I will see


As @Azriel said
It feels like a very hard mdma down mixed with a period of a women.
And I don’t touch the shit or any other drugs

  1. I think it realy is RegenerationQ on full power after 3 weeks of DR. It hits strong
    Problem is Regeneration Q is to weak it just bring the energy up but you have to deal with it yourself. It’s not a bad thing to deal with your stuff but this was to much overload. I can deal with 1-3 topics-no problem but 7-10 on the same time is fuckt up

If they update RegenerationQ powerfully then it’s golden


@Dragonrider, there is no logical understanding throughout we can constitute it as fact, however, both of us purchased a 21-module Custom and ended up having tremendous amounts of reconciliation on it – similar to what you are experiencing.

Coincidence or not, obviously there is a pattern going on here.

I’ve had a 20-module Custom with Ascension as a Core and it certainly did not give me the amount of reconciliation I had on that 21-module Custom.


I think you are right
Maybe I try it out to reorder 1 custom
This woud be real shit if you are right,because somehow and I don’t know why I never count the cores as modules.
Maybe we should ask Saint Sovereign for a limmiter so the engineer don’t build the title if it’s over 20 modules in total. It’s not good for the customer and Subliminalclub if this happens.

Thank you @Hermit


Sure they just allow people to experiment and that is fine, it allows for additional data which in its turn allows for more efficient and grandiose development. It is clearly stated that one should pick between 10 and 20-modules, otherwise you pay the consequences.

Everything Core, Module, or Ultima is counted as a Module.