Download not available

I tried downloading multiple titles I purchased on the main site and I get the same error


I just checked. mine are doing the same thing.

EDIT: On the off-chance it might work, I cleared cookies/cache but got the same result.

Probably just something site-side. I’d submit a ticket if you haven’t yet, @JCast

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We’re aware of the issue and we’re currently working on it.


Well, this is fun. Looks like it’s an issue with the latest version of our eCommerce software. All purchases have been turned off for now.


boooooooooo lol. Damn the luck.

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I did a couple of days ago. I figured I would also give it a bit and see if anyone else was having the issue. Seems ok now

Hey, I’m glad it’s o.k. now. Earlier today St. Sovereign said there’s going to be some trouble with downloads. Some kind of glitch.

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You should be able to download now.


Confirmed! :slight_smile:

They are. Thank you