Does ultrasonic work over bluetooth speaker?


Has anybody had experience using subliminals as ultrasonic over bluetooth speakers. I’m thinking about the Anker Soundcore 2 speaker since it is very portable and offers 24h audio playtime. It is also possible to plug the audio player in with Aux but it won’t be as comfortable.

Did anybody test this out if ultrasonic will be correctly transferred via bluetooth?


I think quite a few people here listen on Bluetooth speakers and they seem to work just fine. You will also find that a really long lasting battery isn’t as important, because you won’t be listening to the subs at high volume anyway (either ultrasonic or masked). A speaker rated at 6h of playtime can last at least twice as long in my experience.

One thing I can recommend is to get a Bluetooth speaker with an SD card slot. In this way it can play subliminals on its own. It’s really great.


I have to turn my devices and speakers all the way up when listening to ultrasonic to get the -50db, for masked I only need about 1/3 of the volume to get the same db.


I use an auxiliary cable just to be safe. Bluetooth may degrade audio quality.


It would be great if users who experience good results with the subs could say what kind of speaker setup they are using and if they made some comparison with different kind of setups that didn’t work as well. So a test between aux and bluetooth would also be great.