Does this stack sound like the right one for my goal?

Hello everyone! Jay here, and I’m wondering which subs to stack for my current goals.

I posted my introduction a few days ago, and since then I’ve been reevaluating my objectives to ensure that I know exactly what I want to achieve.

My current goal is to start a CPA Marketing business, and I’d like to know which stack will help me get there. In CPA marketing, I’ll be running multiple campaigns at the same time, analyzing data and making changes to keep my campaigns profitable. This business will require a lot of analytical thinking, creativity, as well as A/B split testing.

I’ve been reading different success stories on the fourm, and I believe I read that Emperor has Ascended Mogul qualities within that sub, so instead of running Ascended Mogul, I think I should run Emperor. Also, I read that Limitless Executive boosts business productivity significantly, so I was considering stacking Emperor + Limitless Executive; how does that sound?

Also, I’ve found a really good course that will help me get my CPA marketing business up and running, so would this stack help with getting the business started and running on autopilot? I’ll be a one-man show, and I’m absolutely certain this is the business I want to leave my current job for.


Would this be your first time running subliminals from subclub?

Would you leave your job before starting this business, or would you wait until the income from the business starts to pick up before quitting?

How will you acquire clients?

How long will you wait before starting the business/what are you going to be doing this month to work on the business?

Do you already know how to do this, or do you need to learn?

By the way, does CPA marketing mean you’re marketing to accountants?

@Billions I’m on my phone, so I’m not sure how to quote each question so I can respond to each one individually.

  1. Yes, this is my first time using Subclub Subliminals, though it is not my first time using Subliminals in general. However, I see SubClub’s advantage over the competition. :smirk:

  2. I’d hold off on quitting my current job until I had enough income from this new business.

To be more specific, I meant CPA Affiliate marketing. If you don’t know, it’s basically getting paid whenever a user performs a specific action (email submit, download apps, etc). I just need to apply to an affiliate network and start working.

So I’m going to get the course this weekend. I’ve made a few dollars doing CPA affiliate marketing in the past, and I feel like this course has everything I need to make this a full-time job.

I’ve been studying reconciliation on the forum, and because I meditate every day, I believe I’ll be able to notice whenever I start feeling flustered by the programs. Meditation really helps with self awareness.

CPA = Cost Per Action (or acquisition, in the lead gen model).

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Got it, so it’s very behind the scenes stuff. No sales calls, just focusing on building high converting pages? How are you going to be making money, specifically? Blogging? Youtube videos? Running ads?

Generally speaking would it be safe to say that it’s more of a technical set of tasks than a social/creative set of tasks?


Yes, basically building landing pages and driving traffic to them while split testing and making adjustments. Blogging is something I’d like to do in the future; for now, I’ll be driving paid traffic to a landing page (pop up, pop under ads, mobile ads, Google ads, Facebook, etc.). It’s more technical, but I’ll need to create creative ads to test.

Ok got it. Thanks for clarifying.

Here’s my suggestion and here’s how I came about my suggestion. Don’t take this as fact… but if you can understand my thinking process, it’ll help you come to your own conclusion.

I think you should run the Ecstasy Of Gold, more than anything else.


First of all… you have a bit of time. You’re not in poverty, you’re not in a homeless shelter, you’re not gonna have a baby in 3 months. You can work on a long term game plan to make millions, instead of running something like Mogul and getting a

EOG, first of all, makes all other wealth subliminals run better, and is a primer for your wealth journey for life. Stage 1 will make sure you’re totally in tune with all things money, internally and externally. stage 2 will help you learn about CPA marketing as efficiently as possible. And then when you officially launch, stage 3/4 will help you turn that into a massive business. Mogul will get it off the ground quick, but EOG will turn it into an empire, and empires are built faster with solid foundations, so EOG first will really set you up for success.

Plus, I’d run EOG Stage 1 for quite a while, while you’re working your job. There will be a lot of job-employee beliefs and mindsets that you’ll experience when you go from employee to CEO. EOG stage 1 will help that transition go as smoothly as possible.

And amazingly, NOTHING has increased my income faster or more intensely than EOG ST 1… however, I’d been running wealth subs for a year before starting it. But if I had run 2-4 cycles of EOG stage 1 and then ran all the wealth subs I ran, I would’ve gotten results much faster.

My stack for you would probably be Stage 1 and Stage 2 of EOG simultaneously for at least 3 months. Longer!

You can simultaneously focus on wealth beliefs (stage 1) and wealth learning (stage 2)

This is essentially what you were trying to achieve with Emperor (mindset) and Limitless Executive (learning), but much more effective.

That should be all you need… stacking EOG Stages 1 & 2 will already be fruitful but ambitious, I wouldn’t really add a third sub on to that.

Thank you so much!!! It’s strange that you mentioned EoG, because that’s the sub I was listening to today. After I made that post, I felt compelled to play EoG, and I considered whether it should be the only sub I run, given its four stages. At the moment, my primary focus is wealth creation; I have too many people relying on me to focus on anything else.

P.S. You are right about the baby; I will have my daughter in four months, not three. 🥹 @Billions

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Congrats!! Enjoy the time when she’s first born, it goes by super quick. My daughter is almost 2, and I still have no idea where the time has gone. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh snap! Congrats!

I’m running EOG solo and TBH it’s so powerful, it’s what I want 100% of my subconscious brain processing - I’ve been playing around with other subs stacked alongside it but anything else is just a distraction!

Now that I’ve ran EOG ST 1 for 2 full cycles, I created an EOG ST 1 custom with RICH + EOG ST 1 and plan on running that for a loooong time. Maybe I’ll stack it with EOG ST4 or HOM later on down the road.

But don’t worry about Solo EOG… it’s a powerhouse

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