Does subliminals can works for gay mens, Any testimonials?


I just discovered audio subliminals world and wondering to me if It could be good for me to buy it, I would to have any reviews from gay mens about their using to subliminals programs?
Can that help to meet and attract the ideal man who match to us please?
I saw the Program: ‘Seductress’ but I don’t know it suit to me mainly if it amplifies the feminine attributes…
So What could you advise me please?

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I actually asked this in a previous thread as I was also concerned about this and Saint reassured me that it does still work for us. It works for the best interest of our subconscious which obviously knows our sexuality.

Hope this helps.


Hello Themichaelbrandon,

Thank you to answered to me !..
Can I ask to you what program subliminals, use you please?

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This was only last month that I asked this question, I was using Emperor, Limitless and Limit Destroyer at the time.

I’ve changed to StarkQ and Spartan to help fit my goals. Emperor was meant to help with the sexual stuff and I was concerned about the sub not being effective due to the whole women stuff but it works for us gay guys too.


Ok, thank you to your answers!..

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Here is the quote for reference:

“Our titles are very “inwardly” focused when it comes with sexuality. While there are auras and the such that attracts others, the main goal is to make you as attractive as possible – PERIOD. Attraction to a rich, successful, charismatic entrepreneur crosses all gender and sexuality lines. With Emperor, you get to choose mates and not vice versa.”

So you are safe no matter what subliminal you pick. Just look through the library and pick the one that stands out to you and is most aligned with your goals.

Also, now all titles got upgraded to the latest technology so you can truly pick what resonates the most with you and not have to care what sub was released when.

Wish you all the best!


Thank you to answered to me‌.

I also wanted to ask you if subliminal programs will work on me because I am French and speak French, [I can speak English a little but not fluently …]

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Gay Mens? Is that different than gay men?


No it’s just a typo…


@johss - basic English is enough for it to work on you. And since you can type this much English, it is more than enough.


Ok, but what I wrote is because the translator, all is not from me completly. [this one yes but I’m obliged to rectify sometimes severals times, the sentences I write, so it’s not fluent]


@johss - if you at least understand basic spoken English, you are fine.


No, I only understand it if we speak it slowly because of the subtleties of pronunciations, and I don’t know all the vocabulary…So I don’t know if it can works for me because of that…


Do ask their customer support. They might be able to help you better.


I already did it, but no answers yet…


Will tag, @SaintSovereign here. This dude knows very basic and slow spoken English. Will the subs work for him?


I wasn’t criticizing anyone just making a joke. I apologize


Hello @SaintSovereign ,
Could you tell me please if subliminals works for someone {like me] who doesn’t speak english very well?
I asked this question twice to the customers service, and they didn’t answers to me.

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I think the only way to tell if these things will work for you is to try one and see if you notice a difference.


The reason I ask this question is that I don’t want to be forced to buy it, just because the company doesn’t want to give me the answer …