Does StarkQ contain HEALING module(s)?


Anyone ?

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Yes, the healing in StarkQ is profound and uplifting. My personal experience with the healing aspect has been going very well. I haven’t found it unbearable either, it goes at a perfect pace for me. I don’t know the specific healing modules in StarkQ though, if that is what you’re asking.


@Fractal Appreciate the reply, thanks :slight_smile:

Healing in the sense of removing anxiety, past traumas , general healing - daily & future stresses and disappointments/frustrations?


No problem, in my experiences, I have had great success on healing past traumas. I recommend to take action on healing those, as it will accelerate the process. I think everyone finds their own way that works best for them in these areas. Self EMDR and positive thoughts to myself in the mirror have worked well for me. I believe that Stark helps guide you in the right direction for you too.

I can get anxious too and this hasn’t completely gone away yet but I feel that has lessened. The goals of stark are to create something great and become famous for it along the way, so there’s for sure things in there to help you not stress out about the future and worry about failures.

Upon thinking about this, I’ve started to take on a belief that failure is just a part of life and I’m more content with it when it happens. Instead I’m more motivated to learn from them and move on to the next thing.

It’s not to say that there are no bad days, but how I react to them is better than before.

These results are only from 10 weeks of use so far, so I’m quite happy with StarkQ.


Brilliant constructive advice, sounds like Stark has been doing it’s job re:healing.


Been running Stark for awhile now and the healing is pretty smooth and pleasant to me as well. Contradictory to my experience with Emperor where I’d be slapped in the face every other day. Seems more like New Beginnings to me, I guess that’s why they invented Normalizer
to make it more bearable.

I guess it’s fair to say that Februus is also apart of Regeneration.


That’s interesting. I was considering having Emperor with StarkQ in my custom Q since there’s traits of Emperor that may work well with me, but I have concerns over conflicts such as that.


I personally combine titles that enhance each other. Not saying Emperor will not enhance Stark but they’re two very different Archetypes.

Which traits from Emperor will benefit you the most? I’m sure there are modules in the Q-store that cover them.


This post is not related to the Q store.

I’m referring to the bog standard main StarkQ (outside of the Q store).

Not looking to purchase any modules from Q store, for now.


That’s a good point, I’ll have to run through it again. In short Stark is ideal to my goals and lifestyle but Emperor may be closer to my natural state of working alone and not as social personality. So I was debating if I would make faster progress by including Emperor.

I’ll make a post in this other topic comparing them though as it will be more fitting there.


Hey @fluid sorry for the confusion. Yes, Stark has some awesome healing, it’s smooth and you almost do not notice it, yet after a month on the subliminal you look back and notice how much you’ve changed.

So it is not like a total breakdown or a facing of your deepest fears, that are present in Khan or Emperor. I hope it helps.


This is important. These days I always wonder.

Must one be slapped in the face every other day to reach his goals?

Must growth be painful? There is “Growth Through Pain” module.


It must not, but one will experience more growth in a short period of time, hence that’s the reason we’re here on planet Earth to begin with. It really depends on the circumstances of each individual, I personally prefer smooth transitioning and unnoticed healing, as I’m perhaps not as deeply wounded compared to others.

There’s another module in Emperor that manifests difficult situations for you to grow from, I think life does the natural already, why add more of it.

So the question goes, how fast do you want to grow and how pleasant do you want it to be – it is personal and subjective.