Does stark Q have any scripting related to Influence and Persuasion


I know stark Q has intelligence and Frame control scripting. I’m learning Influence and Persuasion. Will stark Scripting have some experience reference from the content I learn.?


Does the Power Can Corrupt module count for that? Because I think that one is in it.


There is PCC style scripting in StarkQ. Not the full program though.


I believe there is because I am experiencing situations where I have taken control of the 'frame" I am not talking about window frames either.


Michel is right for sure there is PCC style scripting as to whether its full blown version or a lite version I guess only Saint or Fire can confirm.


How would anyone here know if the Stark script has anything to do with the contents of some unknown course? :blush:

Here are a dozen phrases from the StarkQ salespage that relate to Influence or Persuasion:

  • Enhance Your … Social Influence, Romance
  • inspire others to believe that anything is possible
  • upgraded elements of … Daredevil, Primal Seduction: Iron Throne
  • specific goal of turning you into a billionaire, … playboy
  • so inspiring, so charismatic and so gifted that you change the hearts and minds of people around you
  • navigate conversations effortlessly
  • easily persuade a nun to run away with you
  • lead and inspire others to take on the most unimaginable, grandiose tasks
  • succeed, owing to his inspiring leadership
  • every conversation, every business meeting, every investment pitch, one thing will be clear… you’ll be absolutely unforgettable
  • guiding the world
  • coaching new leaders to higher and higher standards

Now, check for yourself, whether the promises on the course’s salespage sound anything like these?



Either way, the inbuilt Quantum Limitless will support you in rapidly learning the contents of the course.



I must have missed this when purchasing. If that’s not influence, I don’t know what is :joy:


Divine intervention. :wink:


I’m looking at running StarkQ with QLQ so I can learn code and a couple of other things quicker.


Guys from my experience persuasion skills are flowing organically for me see my journal. This has already been mentioned however keep in mind that its better to be taking action and running low number of loops. Then running loads of loops and doing very little.


For me personally i think stark main effect is intelligence, frame control. I have yet to see the seduction side of it. Lucky i been pairing khan with it to help in that area


Yes it does you see the change every day if you analyze closely your results.


Which Khan Stage are you running?


just started stage 3