Does Regeneration include Limit Destroyer as well?


Does Regeneration include Limit Destroyer as well?


It sure does. Probably even in an extended more comprehensive way.


It’s probably in the “and more” part of the sales page


Thank you for the clarification!


I remember “Limit Destroyer” never got listed as a module in any Major Program salespage.

@Fire, did Regeneration contain Sanguine?
They were released about the same time, but it’s not listed in the Modules. So wondering.




I keep wondering if a subliminal just containing the standard script could be pretty good for general well-being?

I keep wondering why the standard script has never been released as s standalone?


Oh nice. I’ve been running Limit DestroyerQ along with RegenerationQ because I didn’t think it was part of the module. Guess I can free up some space now.


Can you share some experience with regeneration and LD please


With Regeneration, when I first ran it, I felt really nervous, angry, and agitated for about a week or so. I also felt hopeless at times as well. But it tends to pop up from time to time. Flashbacks to old embarrassing memories would also replay in my head and such. Stuff like that. Honestly, with LD, I’m not really sure what to explain.


I feel exactly the same on regeneration…especially anger…I can get really angry at times


It was like bursts of anger for me and then the next day it would be pretty strong feelings of nervousness, etc. I’m going to try to run it for at least a year if I can.


Exact same here but the anger was really intense at the time then dies down fast fast