Does meditating on the objectives of the subliminal while listening improve results?

What do you all think? I know we could listen to music, read an e-book, watch a video that’s completely unrelated to the sub we’re listening to. But would meditating and reflecting on it lead to internalizing it at a faster rate, which manifest it’s objectives in the real world? :thinking:

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Could you describe a little bit more exactly what this might be like? I mean what precisely do you envision that the activity would be during the meditation practice? I mean what would you be doing with one of your subs, for example.

Like reading the description of the sales page (for non-custom subs) / modules (for custom subs), see which modules have already started to work, and for those that arent working yet, what sort of action to take to help it. Maybe meditation may not be the right word, reflection sounds better.

It sounds almost like a type of planning and visualization process.

That could be like a conscious version of ‘Merger of Worlds’.

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I think it does. At very least it calms and focuses the mind. At best it shows your subconscious exactly how you want the subs to work for you.

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Maybe it’s just me but I often find myself already highly focused on that kind of stuff when I’m listening. I actually have trouble doing other stuff, it’s like my mind gets pulled back to the sub as the main focus.