Does masked volume equal ultrasonic volume?


I began Emperor this week, and since my ears were slightly hurting (running ultrasonic on my phone and laptop constantly), I downloaded masked and began running it. I knew masked would let me know how loud or soft a subliminal was, generally.

What was immediately obvious is that I had been running ultrasonic at a high volume. I was running ultrasonic between 3 and 4 on a volume going to 10. But with masked, even 1 was too loud. I ran masked halfway between 0 and 1 comfortably.

Is it safe to say that the decibel level is equal in both ultrasonic and masked? I used ultrasonic at a much lower level last night for Sanguine and Emperor, and I felt their affects this morning.

In fact, I’m on my laptop presently running ultrasonic, and while writing this, I turned my volume down, as it was closer to 2. I had a very slight pain in my ears.


For ultrasonic files you should check the volume using Frequensee app.
If I’m not mistaken the recommended listening volume is around -65 to -80 db


I’ve been using the Frequensee app, mostly since I listen with my laptop now. I used it from my start months ago. But my ears were still hurting. I realize I’d been inching the volume up steadily, seeing no problems for weeks. Then I began playing subs on my phone while working, and I put it in my shirt pocket, which is roughly 8 inches from my ear. So it’s been a cumulative effect.

That was my first experience with masked. So, I asked.