Does Khan help with approach anxeity?


I’ve been using Daredevil and emperor ultimately but, daredevil just made me more careless, an emperor more authoritative with those around me, I’ve been having a lot of power fights with my co-workers and even with my manager lol.


I would say that yes! Approach anxiety comes mainly from subconscious beliefs you have embedded within your mind, and “Total Breakdown” seems to deal with these limiting beliefs.
And taking from the reviews people are doing of this stage, it seems to be pretty heavy. It is exactly what the name says: a total breakdown. I’m looking forward to use it in the future.
However, Emperor seems to deal with approach anxiety too. At least for me, it does. Maybe in a different way that Khan does.


I believe I saw Saint mention (either on this or the roadmap thread) that Khan includes DareDevil, so that would be a yes. Depends on the stage you’re running though. Emperor supposedly makes you less concerned with approaching or making friends. Maybe Emperor makes you realize when the people you work with simply aren’t up to the task so you become confrontational, believing they have to earn their position and your respect.

Consider that most emperors weren’t very well liked, though they did get whatever they desired. With the exception of one or two Roman ones. Then again, neither were the Khans. Hmmm…


This is very true! lol
When you get out of the herd, and start creating your own way, you end up being hated by some people, anyway…


“If you go through life without ever pissing anybody off, you’ve never really lived at all.”


Stage 1 of Khan does help lesson anxiety immensily. So i would say yes.