Does ascension cause other men to challenge you?


So I been mainly running total breakdown for the pass 2 weeks with limit destroyer as well and rebirth being thrown in there for 1 or 2 loops a day.
I just started listening to ascension for a few loops and at work a older gentleman African American who appeared to be in his 50s also possibly homeless pointed his umbrella like a gun towards my building then at me while mumbling something.
Then it hit me. This isn’t the first time I been challenged while running ascension by other men. I don’t know if its one of the programs that manifest things in your life that challenge you in order to grow like khan and emperor supposedly does. I’m literally thrown back right row I only started listening to ascension a few hours ago with 1 loop of rebirth and 0 loops of limit destroyer and a man challenges me threw a bullet proof glass.
I’ve had other situations thorough out my time using ascension on and off when I ran it since I joined sub club. Other things Such as a man gives me dirty looks, says something to me, tries to bump me, disrespect me, wants to fight etc
does ascension manifest situations in your life that challenge your manhood ?
I knew ascension worked super fast but this is really fast


People will always respond to someone whose status is rising/is high. This is one such a case. Furthermore, all programs will manifest safe situations that will evolve you, make you think and question.

Take it as a small lesson to learn from, stay safe, keep listening, and with time you will notice people reacting in a more positive manner as changes continue and you uncover more about yourself and what it means, for you, to be a powerful man.


@Grimm1390 story of my life. Khan was non stop challenges to my status. Football hooligans wanting to get in my face, randoms hocking and spitting…


That may not be sub related. Mentally ill homeless people (if that’s what he was) do stuff like that pretty much randomly.


I’ve had other situations When running ascension on and off like I mentioned above where men tried to challenge me as well


Lol the weakness destroyer module must be really strong. This was written for khan st3 and applies to emperor as well. I usually gloss over the challenges part and focus on the good stuff but this was written for total action st3

“ And finally, you will be manifesting situations that will cause the most growth, similar to Emperor, so you must be ready to face the challenges that come“


@Grimm1390 good to see you back in the fold, despite the newfound alpha challenges.