Do Audio Enhancer program affect subliminals?


I use DFX audio enhancer ( to listen improve the music quality and video sound quality. The program alters the sound, but not the frequency, so would using it affect the subliminals in any ways at all?




I use DFX too. When listening to masked versions I will turn DFX off, when listening to ultrasonics I will leave it on. When leaving it on for ultrasonics check that your equalizer is reset to flat. :slight_smile:


What settings do you use? Do you turn dynamic boost up all the way?


Audio Enhancer type programs aren’t recommended, since they alter the sound, and we cannot know for sure how they alter it. They could very well make the audio unusable.

Sticking to unaltered sound is best, since that way we know they will work as intended.


Guess I’ll start turning mine off always haha, for the record my dfx settings are
Fidelity 4
Ambience 0
3d surround 6
Db 9
Hb 0