Divine self image

Experiences with this module?
Do you think Khan contains any parts of it?

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I love This module.

Have it in all my customs nowadays pretty much. It just feels great in some way I can’t really describe


In self-esteem type of way?
What about external changes in life and people?

Yea Self esteem you just feel a bit divine kinda .

Like look in the mirror and say wow who is this sexy beast

By divine it does not necessarily mean something spiritual or soft right?

  • Change your internal residual self image to embody the ideals of the sexual khan, speeding up results significantly.

That is a Khan’s objective, do you think they are related in anyway?

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You agree?

I Do feel it’s somewhat spiritual But not soft

I am confused, a sexy spiritual beast

It can help khan yes, i have it in a custom, it’s cool, have you tried wanted yes?

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Yeah I tried WANTED. Definitely not for me. Made me too easy going.
Other modules for enhancing Khan and only Khan’s archetype?

Yes, but like with divine-self image, i feel it helps more being comfortable and less self-critical and more self-accepting, like when you enter a social group you feel like you belong there and can enjoy being you.

You making a new custom? :smiley:

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No I am not at the moment
But thinking of modules

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I don’t think it’ll be a part of Khan to be honest.

Should be in questions and comments. :blush:

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Dominion and Tyrant are probably good in a Khan custom

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Even the new king radiance and hegemony.

Not tried those yet But defnitely making one with these later.

When Im Done with Khan black stages and make a dating custom with Khan black st 4

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I think a Khan solo with a bunch of result enhancements would be good

Yea and Add some extra masculinity and auras maybe.

That’s my plan anyway when i get to st 4

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I want to alleviate all the recon from Khan ST4, then make a masculinity custom