Discuss the Q Custom you created


So if you’d be willing to reveal, what was your goal, the modules you picked and your criteria for picking them?


Efficiency first. Listening to the masked versions mean I preferred using headphones and wearing headphones for that long was a bummer n a half.

So I combined stark q, seductress (for the influence and feminine balance in case it’s needed) and QLQ to go back to what I started with at the beginning of May. I decided I could still do alchemist separately as I feel good on ST1 and didn’t want to jam ST4 in the custom just to make it “worthwhile” or have to rebuild it 3 times

Lots of manifestation boosters for quicker results (hopefully).

Then I heavily loaded healing because of all the negative inner voice/ self talk/ self esteem I have. I am, by many accounts, beautiful, but I don’t feel that way. Only recently (within the past 5 years or so) have I treated myself with any sort of compassion. Stems from childhood and trauma and guilt and loss so I’d love to be free of such limiters.

I hate working out so I added that one. Then added all the physical healing boosters there were for recovery.

Mosaic so I can still run alchemist (and aegis) with it.

Other than that: wealth is always nice and my grad school debt can always disappear faster.

Pre covid I ended up convincing myself to go out on dates just to see what all the hubbub is about post divorce. It’s more of an experiment to see if I missed out on anything and 9/10 times I’m left wanting. So no love/sex/voice whatever things. It’s not for lack of options, but lack of interest on my part. Besides the curiosity of “wouldn’t it be nice to have a fulfilling relationship where someone neither objectifies you, nor is intimidated by you,” I can’t be bothered.

I realize the disconnect between how I perceive myself and how others do. I have an insatiable need for growth and perfection that sometimes leaves me lousy with choices and unable to act. I am extremely hard on myself to the point of abuse (at times) and therapy has helped me give myself the grace and compassion I offer others.

Introverted, but comfortable that way, I still hope to better take opportunities that benefit me in the ways I’d like.

My career is great, but I don’t actually know what my true purpose is. I am good at quite a bit of things, but horrible at connecting that to “things I want to do” and speaking favorably about it.

The subs are just the next experiment. I’ve tried nootropics before. I really hate keeping track of supplements.

Reiki is my attempt at strengthening energy. I’ve always wanted to be a healer in some way. So I’ll probably build another custom that helps with that after I’m comfortable enough with the results from the first.

If you got this far here’s my custom (minus deep sleep and auric overdriver to fit into the 20 max). I ordered it at Terminus build:


This might get long, but custom Q had me so damn excited I wanted to share lol. I’ll start with overall goals and then dive into the nitty gritty.

My core subs are naturally StarkQ and Ultimate Artist Q. I’m a musician and that’s where my passion lies. The big goal is taking that passion and making it 100% of my life vs the small sliver I deal with now juggling unfulfilling jobs. I chose StarkQ because I’ve been isolated most of my life. I’m not an extrovert, not by a long shot. But I want to experience the world more. I tried for years to break out and failed a lot and got burned on the whole thing. But I know in my heart this is what I want out of life and the fears won’t make me think otherwise like they have in the past.

My additional goals, if you will, deal heavily with manifestation/reality bending. I want to see just how far I can make things go. I want to get to a point where reality becomes so malleable for me, the old limitations don’t apply anymore. What was once impossible becomes easy. I have no real desire to climb a perceived social hierarchy or compete in the world. I want to be outside of that, if that makes any sense. But there is a balance here in my goals between spirituality and being in the material world. I believe I haven’t actually experienced enough of the riches of the material world for myself, not necessarily money. I had some troubles growing up like most people, but I feel like I missed out on a lot of life. So this is my way of reclaiming that lost time.

Onto the list.

Ultimate Artist Q
StarkQ Core

Blue Skies
Gratitude Embodiment
Energetic Development XI
Negative Energy Transmutation

Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
The Merger of Worlds

Current Invoker
Financial Success Reality Shifter

Joie de Vivre
Sexiness Unbound
Productivity Unleashed

Like I said before, I intuitively picked all these modules without much thought. But I was surprised how well they lined up with each other after I analyzed them after the fact.

Unlimiter is to break away from my limiting beliefs regarding change with subliminals or in general. I figured I need to crush that to get optimum results for myself. From there Blue Skies, Gratitude, and Energetic Development all support my goals for building myself up/healing. Negative Energy Transmutation was a must for me, I’ve come to accept I am an empath and absorb people’s energy unconsciously. I never developed the ability to manage that so I’d find myself sheltering myself from the world a lot.

Support Modules
These have to do with the physical/strategic improvement of subliminals as a whole. Pragya to handle the physical capacity of my brain. I’ve suspected my long bouts with depression in the past caused long term cognitive decline due to shrinkage. Epigenetics & DNA Modulator to enhance the effects of Pragya. Omnidimensional, basically maximizing all the ways and possibility for a subliminal to manifest. Merger of Worlds is to further strengthen the communication between conscious and subconscious so it can execute the other enhancement modules better.

Jupiter and Tyrant seemed to have overlap a bit, but I figured why not right? My ultimate goal is becoming king of my own reality so reinforcement can’t hurt. From there I’ve got Current Invoker which was primarily intended to support the goals of Jupiter and Tyrant. Subconscious knowledge of currents, basically like GPS for manifesting. And I threw Financial Success Reality Shifter in there because I’m sick of thinking from the frame of a financially struggling individual and more money flowing into my life means more freedom.

Personality Enhancement
These are the fun ones. On the top of the list Joie de Vivre, because enjoyment of life is so important and I quite honestly haven’t enjoyed much of mine. Rogue(feel like this one might already be in StarkQ), one of my biggest sticking points has always been being hyperfocused on what others think of me so I want that gone for good. Temptation and Sexiness Unbound is just me letting loose and removing blocks to my own sexuality which I’ve heavily repressed over the years. And productivity unleashed is self explanatory, but I’m sick of my procrastination and not doing the things I want to do to build my skills regarding my music. And I’ve procrastinated on taking action with subs in general so this felt like a no brainer to me.

And that’s where I’ll end my novel. Hopefully I didn’t take up too much room on here.


I’m thinking of 5 different Custom Subliminal focuses.

  1. Wealth
  2. Sex and Attraction
  3. Magick, Meditation, and Manifestation (MIND)
  4. Creativity and Intellect
  5. Relationships and Leadership (Social Focus)

Another area that comes to mind is Physical Health and Fitness. So 6.

I’m starting from Wealth. My first custom subliminal is an outgrowth of my current stack. Like a supercharged Stage V to Ecstasy of Gold. Terminus Build.

The goal is Wealth Generation and Financial Mastery/Freedom.

The cores are Ecstasy of Gold Stage IV, Stark, and Power Can Corrupt.


So why dont you take inner eye? Isnt that the best help to manifest and have the power to break the limits of the possible?


Here is my list
RegenerationQ Core
Attachment Destroyer
Blue Skies
Carpe Diem Ascended
Debt Annihilator
I Am
Ego Adsum
New Beginnings
Productivity Unleashed
Stress Displacement
Wealth Limit Destroyer

Obviously heavy on healing but also geared towards aspects of financial well being and getting things done. For the last few weeks I have really become very aware of how important it is to me to be in a place where I can help people but from a very emotionally and morally mature place. Not being reactive to the toxicity , immaturity , narcissism , and insecurity of others.


I was thinking this morning how much easier taking action towards my goals will be once the fear, self doubt ,worry, stress,shame, and trauma are eliminated.


What do you guys think? I want this custom to help me with learning new skills and becoming an overall secure man, nothing too crazy ambition wise right now. I think this should give me a pretty good foundation to build further upon.

I would like to add dominion but I don’t see a module I would like to remove at the expense of it, so I probably leave it like this.


My customized name-embedded subliminal will most likely contain the following modules - tight budget so not putting in too much stuff.

Emperor Q Core
Submodel Alpha
I.Q. and Cognitive Booster
Master’s Coordination
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator

I imagine the Emperor Q Core as a base over which various brain healing modules operate on - these mainly include very Limitless-ish type of modules.

I need my brain to work as hard as possible to optimized the output of the subliminals.

Knowledge is power - the more I know, the better I process information and the faster I learn, the more I earn. That will help out a lot with my wealth goals, which Emperor Q Core will serve to address.

Also, Epigenetics & DNA Modulator, Thunder and Master’s Coordination to help me handle my dyspraxia and hopefully conquer it. Attacking my neurological problems will also help me with Mind’s Eye and visualization.

I plan to use Mosaic to blend in the non-customized Subliminal Q modules that I will stack with - most probably Mind’s Eye and Mogul.

No budget for healing sub - I plan to go Iron Throne on this.

One module I would really love to have is a module that allows one to view the world from the perspective of every single person in the world. Can’t find that in the Q-Store so will be hoping I can generate that type of overall perspective.


World is too limiting, how about the known and the unknown? Scripting is speaking. :wink: