Discouraged, thinking of starting anew. Please help



So I used Emperor and a few other programs, but then eventually cut the other programs and just focused exclusively on Emperor due to my lack of results. Emperor was a constant for 3 months, even if I added some other subclub programs I picked up.

Money is a little tight this month, going to wait until next month to begin purchasing stuff (still want to pick up regen and elixir) but I think I might be going about things the wrong way.

I want to take this gradually now. I took the “do everything at once” approach, which caused me to use multiple programs. Perhaps that’d be good if I could maintain patience, but I’m one to lose it very easily if I don’t see progress. So for the sake of my self, I should take things one step at a time.

I have had Ascended Mogul recommended to me a few times, I might consider it.

My question is this. What subliminals should I use at what frequency to get the fastest possible results? I’m willing to wait another 3 months so long as I notice something.

Let me state my basic problems/goals.

  • Low self esteem - I really dislike myself. When I look in the mirror I feel an extreme impulse to look away. I’m not unattractive. Or at least that’s what women tell me. But I see myself as unattractive. Also I dislike who I am, and do know I should strive to become a better me (and I am striving, creating new habits and such) but I would also like to accept who I am now but love even more who I’m becoming.

  • Low self-confidence/personal power - throw me into any social situation and I’ll melt on the spot. Major, extreme social anxiety. I can hold conversations, at a very basic level, but I can feel my body being flooded with tension and cortisol which makes my mind hazy. I can’t let loose and be expressive. In personal project, I’m constantly in fear and worry. What will people think of me? What if they think I’m stupid? Ugly? Just some stupid kid who doesn’t know what he talks about? (I’m a young adult but look 14). Everyone else is perceived as higher status than myself, and my first impulse (unless I’m texting- which I feel safe and comfortable doing unlike face-to-face or video chats) is to act in subservience. My worry of my own insecurities hold me back immensely. I want to feel grounded, unshakable, confidence, powerful, invincible, as if I was some sort of OP anime character hahahaha. I also procrastinate wayyyy too much falling for instant gratification instead of delaying it. Each day before I retire I get angrier and angrier at myself for not doing what I need to do. Either I lose my motivation, or enter a depression as soon as I gain productive momentum. I’ve tried so many self help techniques to fix everything I’ve just listed you’d probably think I was full of shit haha

I have emotional trauma but I don’t mind working on that later through Regen + Elixir. For now I just want to lay a proper foundation for my house.

I’ve tried learning “game” or “pickup” but I can’t get out. I freeze. I’ve tried confidence challenges, can’t get out. I freeze. I try doing sales. I freeze. Ugh. I need the power to create change.

TD;LR I want to feel like a mature, masculine man instead of an insecure boy scared of the world. Which subliminal(s) should I use to get here the fastest?

I really want to keep using Primal since I see that as helping with social confidence. I want to increase my usage of it immensely to feel its benefits.

Thank you


Here’s the first issue. Self-development is a journey. A long, arduous and sometimes painful journey, and it’s a journey that doesn’t stop until you pass from this life into the next. Don’t look for the subliminal that will get you somewhere the “fastest.” Look for the one that fits your current life goals. Based on what I’m reading, that subliminal is Ascension. I’d also grab The Elixir, since the act of using it and following the instructions constitutes taking action – something we always recommend.

Here’s the thing – if you don’t change the way you approach your self-development, you probably won’t see any results with Ascension either. You can’t just run a subliminal, sit on your laurels and expect for it to cause some kind of massive change. Just not the way it works. You can’t walk into a gym and stare at the weights and expect change. You can’t just drink protein shakes and expect to build a ton of muscles. You must have focused goals and work toward them. While running Ascension, focus on what you think is your CORE issue and then take efforts toward changing that issue.

As subliminal producers, we can only do so much. There’s no way we can create a program that covers ALL the bases for everyone – hence why you have non-responders. The root of your issues may not be covered in the subliminal (which is why we instituted the refund policy). That being said, the subliminals DO have some universality in it, as long as you’re working toward a distinct goal.

You touched on your issues here in this post, but what you’re missing is that deep, critical evaluation of what’s going on. For example, you say “I dislike myself,” but what does that REALLY mean? What aspects do you not like, and what actions can you take to fix them? Or, why do you care if people think you’re stupid? What is causing you to need that kind of validation from other people?

Discover the prime mover behind your issues and you’ll notice that the titles will work better for you. Here’s an exercise that always helped me (and even helped me launch this company). Once you determined your goals and action items, each day, take one TINY step. Doesn’t matter how tiny that step is. In fact, simply writing down a goal and subsequent action items counts as taking a step. As you complete various action items, you’ll find momentum eventually picks up.

With Subliminal Club, it began with choosing a domain name and registering it. Then, setting up the content management system that powers the site. The entire time, I was filled with uncertainty and doubt, but every day, I took one more step until the initial site was done.

I still remember our first sale. I remember what I was doing (eating at Boston Market) when I got the notification. I remember calling @Fire and celebrating. And I remember that it all started with me fighting through the fear and self-doubt and registering subliminalclub.com.


Amazing reply, thanks for taking the time man I’ll get all this into action straight away (:


Give a go at meditation. Especially meta meditation. It’s very good for self-love/confidence/esteem. It completely changed me after a disastrous breakup. Try to commit to it daily and you’ll see amazing things.
Please do not neglect this advice. In your case especially you could benefit from it to a great extent. Meditation reduces your emotional response to external stimuli. You need that to overcome your social anxiety and the fear of people.

Also I think it’s a great idea to move step by step instead of trying to do everything at the same time, like you said. I break down my goals into small steps and work trough each of them one at a time. If you request too many changes too quickly you’ll probably fail.