Discounts beyond those for prolific posters


So I have a habit of ignoring the little chat boxes on sites and missed out on the “first time purchase” 30% off. If I’ve never used it is the code still valid or because I already made (a couple ) of purchases will it not work?

Are there seasonal discounts? I know I’m good with my stack now but with the Q store coming out and Alchemist Supreme, Mind’s Eye and Ultimate Artist tempting my itchy fingers I’m trying to delay the instant gratification of buying something that I’m not going to use yet with the promise of something better later. I’m bad enough with my regular shopping habit, as is.


Well, SubClub is all about changing negative habits. :slight_smile:

The bigger question is if the discount will still be offered after Q-Day. It’s a completely different animal after all.

I have poked Saint during his Blue Skies hibernation, he’ll likely get back to you and back at me.


If you’ve never used it, you still can. :wink:

Make sure you don’t create multiple accounts to try and take advantage of it, however. Trust me, we notice when people do.


Ah, I never used that either. One more motivation for the Q store.


Unfortunately, it won’t be available on the Q store. We may run a limited promotion / introductory price, but given that Q is technically a custom, we won’t be discounting that one too much. We are looking into easier consumer financing, though.



It’ll come in handy for something else.


Thanks. I’m just trying to be better about actively using discounts if they exist instead of buying things because I want. good to know I can still use it


I wondered the same thing myself, I too have that habit of clicking the X and have missed out on deals, so how does one utilize the discount as I haven’t seen it again after closing the box? :thinking:


Looks like I haven’t used it either. Purchased 4 …using 3


Honestly, rather than discounts, I want greater wealth. As Ecstasy of Gold and Stark support me into building greater wealth, I’ll happily consider that to be the best discount of all.


This company won’t get sucked into discount culture. Instead of offering a ton of discounts, we priced our products fairly from the start, and offered rewards for those willing to engage with the community and help us better our products.


Good policy. People tend to value things based on what they pay for it. You will erode the value of the programs if you discount too much, and will probably lose credibility along the way too.


Yeah I don’t even care anymore, that was 4hrs ago, I’m over it lol. For what I’m getting I already think I’m getting a killer deal so I’m good, I started my Playlist 3 days ago and am already seeing changes and feeling some results, which is more than I can say for subs I was using from other sources and subs I’ve paid for that I used for over 9 months and seen absolutely ZERO movement… And since my fingers got itchy I went ahead and bought Alchemist core and Aura, 1 major program and another module for a little over a hundred bucks, shit, can’t go wrong there. I’m a happy camper :grin:


Yeah I just wanted to know if I could still use my code which I did :smile:

If I never get another one I’ll be ok.