Differences between masked and ultrasonic?

Does anyone else feel like listening to masked version on headphones is stronger than the ultrasonic on speakers?

I definitely seem to “feel” the sub more on headphones both for Q and older versions.

Some have definitely had that effect. It could be placebo, who knows. I just do whichever one is more convenient at the time.

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Yes, it is. I’ve been using subliminals for over five years and definitely can confirm that.

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Thanks @Voytek, that’s what I felt too. Ultrasonics have a benefit that they can be played in the background without putting on headphones for long periods, but I may have to rethink it if one’s more effective/stronger/faster.

BTW, do you ever listen to the masked on speakers?

Yes, I have. It was in the beginning, over five years ago and I switched to a headphones after around four months since it was more convenient and I THINK more effective as far as I remember.

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I listen to my stack solely on headphones.

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Around three years ago some people claimed ultrasonic was more powerful (its combination with masked even more) than masked but they advised not to use it to listen on headphones but on speakers only. But I cannot confirm that.

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Don’t listen to ultra on headphones, trust me. I had tinnitus for a bit, I don’t want that again.

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Thanks guys!

@SaintSovereign - @DarkPhilosopher mentioned you listed to Ultimate Lib overnight. Do you sleep with headphones on? How have you managed to make that comfortable, if that’s the case?

So, to summarize the methods in the order of anecdotal effectiveness (with Saint’s answer obviously at a higher weightage :)) -

  1. Masked with headphones
  2. Masked with speakers OR Ultrasonics with speakers (not definitive between the two methods, but my guess would be the masked would be slightly stronger for most folks)
  3. Ultrasonics with headphones (NOT RECOMMENDED) - I never do but adding it here for newcomers in the future.

It’s not comfortable, lol. I take melatonin or valerian root to help fall asleep.


This is the most powerful for me, but your mileage may vary. It depends on the person. I listen with headphones on at medium volume. Too high causes reconciliation.

Do you mix the headphones up or in general what’s your go to?

I use Sleepphones. But they don’t always stay in place. I may try with headphones since I am a very stable sleeper. I usually wake up in the exact same position I fell asleep in. Like a vampire. :slight_smile:

I might try it with the Sennheisers, they don’t come off easily.

I generally use headphones at home/office and earbuds out and about. Only the past week or two I do some parts on speakers since it’s been so ridiculously warm.

I used to do ultra, but I switched to masked. And of course with Ultima there really isn’t a choice.

Saint, what is the correlation between volume and reconciliation you think?