Difference in CHARISMA of some titles

What is the difference between the charisma of The Commander and Stark? Is it just the Aura or the way they present themselves?

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On Stark you’re a social magnet and an expert in your field on Commander, well, you’re a commander, an authority, you’re the leader.

On Stark people love you, on Commander they respect you.


what about a charisma of Emperor?

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“Don’t mess with me, dude”.

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Inner power is a vital part of charisma which emp has alot of, but GENERALLY Emperor is known as sigma male who does not put very much focus on leading people regarding SOCIETAL issues, not business.
If you read the objectives of stark, khan and PS; all of them have charisma in there. And one of the COMMON characteristic between These is SHARING.
Now there are some differences is HOW they present themselves.
Another important point in catching my idea is that I recommend you think in terms of polarities if you want to get a grasp of each archetype’s attractiveness to EACH gender.
E.g Those men who LOVE(unconsciously attracted to) khan are mostly feminine.

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I like what you said in the first part of your post but this sentence shocks me that it’s baseless and not making sense.

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I think he meant women getting attracted to Khan. :blush:


what do you mean by “sharing”?

and what do you mean by this?

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  1. Sharing your ideas (DEPENDING THE SITUATION)(Mainly courting attention)
  2. Khan is masculine, masculine attracts feminine.
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Guys we went astray from the topic, please read the main topic and share your answers.