Difference Between Supercharger and Stacks?


Hey Everyone,

People seem to use these terms in the Forum:

  • Superchargers
  • Stacks

Do anyone have an explaination on the difference?

I am planning to create my own stack which focuses on Entrepreneurship, Career, and Overcoming Procrastination.

I have decided to Focus on one Major which is Emperor, perfect for me who’s working to build my business online. I am Considering Rebirth, Limit Destroyers as stacks.

What about superchargers? what do they do and how should I incooperate them?

Thanks for reading


Stacking would be just that stacking multiple subs together. Superchargers are different products altogether. They supercharge your results and the effects on you. Like if you git the gym, The beast unleashed will give you a boost of energy and focus to workout, it is pretty nice and works very well.
I would say start with Ascension or AM first to build a foundation. Emperor is a monster sub with with 4-5 product cores built into it plus different modules. Also rebirth and limit destroyer would probably be very useful to you.


@Stellarhowl, I understood your question originally to ask about stacking modules included in newer superchargers. My reply is pointed towards that question.

For example, I own Commander, the supercharger, released just over a month ago. Superchargers are a hybrid of both music and audible vocals combined with inaudible ultrasonic messages. The ultrasonic messages are the same as the audible messages. Their power stems from the simultaneous input of both while listening, allowing one’s conscious mind to work with the subconscious.

However, I bought Commander for the included stacking module called Admiral and Commander (A&C), which is the ultrasonic version alone. I just put it in my major programs stack to augment the effects of my major sub, and with A&C, I’ve noticed specific effects. It challenged me keeping quiet and believing it was dangerous to speak up about things I’d kept quiet so long.

Older stacking modules (without a supercharger compliment), though I didn’t see effects when I bought some a year ago, also have clear effects. I bought Sanguine a year back thinking it’d act like some quick emotional relief aid. I didn’t see what I looked for, so I stopped it and didn’t run it until just this last month.

But lately I’d read Sanguine acted to reduce anxiety, and one user admitted it opened him up around people. So I gave it a try with my current sub, EOG stage 1. And you know what, it opened me up too! I’m an introvert and tend to keep a lot inside, even in writing, But ever since keeping Sanguine in my stack…I’ve been writing and sharing a ton comfortably. They were unexpected, desirable results.

I’ve been thinking about the supercharger True Social lately since I was reminded Saint and Fire put in Social King, an ultrasonic stacking module. True Social was held up for a while, so they added Social King to show good faith in their business practices. And it was unannounced on the True Social sales page, so I’d skipped it. I believe Social King was the first included stacking module with a supercharger.

And…I’ll stop there. No coffee yet, but I began my stack before coming here. Sanguine is working :wink:


@Floridianninja Hey! This is so Useful

So just to confirm, Some Major Program seems like a mix too like AM, Emperor, so how does this differ from superchargers?

Does superchargers generate energy and stamina?


Thanks for sharing your review @subliminalguy
Gonna Check Sanguine and Commander soon.

Would you recommend adding superchargers to my stacks?

  • Emperor
  • Limit Destroyer
  • Rebirth


To answer that for yourself, ask "what am I seeking by using subliminals?

Improved romance or sex?
Emotional healing?
Better concentration and recall for learning?
Spiritual direction?
Better dream recall?
Building your mental and physical endurance?

I just went through the supercharger’s sales page and called those out. It’s https://www.subliminalclub.com/product-category/hypnosis-meditation/. Give it a lookover, for you know you best :slight_smile:


There are a few different categories of products here.

Programs are basically distinguished by: 1) How dense and comprehensive the program is, and 2) whether it works directly with the subconscious or is designed to align the conscious with the subconscious (through guided imagery/hypnosis/etc.).

( By density, I mean the amount of content to be processed and integrated in the mind. By comprehensive, I mean how different aspects or dimensions of an issue a program is able to address. )

So, you’ve got:

  1. Major Programs - these are subliminal programs that work with the subconscious to deal with a particular issue or goal. Some are more dense or challenging than others because of a) how much content is packed inside or b) the extent of the change that is being facilitated.

  2. Multistage Major Programs - these are also dense programs. With these the overall program focus has been divided into several different areas. Often, the fourth or final stage represents a culmination of the previous stages.

  3. Stacking Modules - subliminal programs that are less dense and are pinpointedly focused on a particular issue/goal or on a particular narrow aspect of an issue/goal. They’re called stacking modules because they are often used together with a major program to heighten or facilitate some part of its effects.

  4. Superchargers - these are guided imagery/hypnosis/self-hypnosis tracks that harness the power of conscious intention to add more energy and focus toward a particular goal. They can be used at any time even if one is not using a major program.

So, now you can see what the basic ingredients are.

I think your plan to use Emperor sounds workable. Especially given your commitment to entrepreneurship.

Some people find, though, that by using Mogul or Ascended Mogul first for some time, a foundation is built so that when they start using Emperor it’s able to take off more quickly or more effectively.

I personally jumped right into Ecstasy of Gold and then added Emperor a few months later. Apparently, this is the kind of strategy that would make one have to wait longer to see strong results. It was like putting a (metaphorical) plate with 10 sandwiches in front of my brain. Takes a while to get through all of that.

Ascended Mogul gives you 2 or 3 sandwiches to get through. Doesn’t take as long to feel like you’re making progress finishing the meal.

Oh brother. This is going on too long. And hasn’t gotten to your main question.


Superchargers generally calibrate your state of mind. They’re the ‘hype men’ of subliminal club. Helping you to feel motivated and ready to take action or to face a particular kind of situation.

The only one I’ve used so far is Commander. It emphasizes drawing upon all of one’s resources and inhabiting a Leader identity status. Honestly, I just really like it. It’s a good workout for your imagination muscles. And somehow I really do find the principles from the visualization working their way into my thought process.

You can just have a look at your life, particularly if you’ve started working on a certain life project and ask ‘hmmm… would it be fun/valuable/useful to amp up this particular mindstate?’ And then you’ll know if you want to use the supercharger.

The heavy lifting will be accomplished by your major program (in your case, Emperor). The superchargers add value.