Difference between QL st4 core and Limitless core?


What would be the reason to choose for Limitless core instead of QL st4 core for a custom? Would it be the sole reason of Limitless being less dense than QL or am I underestimating Limitless?


Yes Limitless is less dense and this could be a reason

But it mainly depends on your goals. QL expands much more than Limitless e.g. in areas like lie detection, profound realizations about your life, speeding up subliminal progress etc.


I did’t know that QL covered so much different things. Thanks for clarifying.


Don’t forget Quantum Focus Mode lol


QL St 3 focuses very much on ‘FOCUS’. If you want a more powerful equivalent to Limitless, Stage 3 would be the closest and best pick. However, beware, it works best with prior listening to stage 1 and 2 (or 4)