Difference Between Major and Super Charger


What is the difference?

What I mean by this is,

The superchargers can be used as stack or stand alone, what will be the difference in effectiveness between using a major program and it’s supercharger?

For example, I use True social at the moment, along with Khan and mogul. I was considering switching to Daredevil, for better networking. how will the results be different?


It’s essentially like buying a car (which would be the Major program) and then you decide to upgrade your car by installing a turbo engine (Supercharger) to make your car more powerful.

And I think Daredevil is a much bigger program than True Social based on the pricing. Daredevil is $34.99 and True Social is $9.99. So, you would get much more benefits out of it.


@mecharc already knows what Superchargers are, so this post is more for future search results. :slight_smile:

Superchargers are short 10-min hypnosis audios.
You don’t run them in the background for many hours every day.

Their goal is to temporarily affect your State/Mood for the next few hours.

The two major benefits of them are:

  1. Reduced procrastination, anxiety, etc.
  2. Easier to access the Flow state / Peak Performance.

I don’t have a conclusive answer to this because there is no “supercharger only” journal here.

A sub’s effect is more of Identity Expression, and not one’s momentary State.
Your mood may go anywhich ways, but you should still have the Identity sense of the Major Programs in your stack.


For business networking, your current system is perfect.
Daredevil has a more party/casual vibe to it.

You may experiment with DD, if your meets are evening events with dinner & drinks.


What supercharger would you reccomend for laziness and procrastinating?


Procrastination is just an umbrella term - a category to put all human reluctances into.
So, the solution depends on what problem(s) we’re dealing with - fear of outcomes, identity perception, lack of resources, lack of skills / training, disempowering beliefs associated with memories, etc.
For such, major subs & stack modules are really what one should be looking at.

When I wrote “reduced procrastination” above, I was thinking of:
Legacy for laziness to workout,
Libertine for approaching women (approach & sexual anxiety), and
True Social for chatting up people in general (social anxiety).

In addition, Beyond Limitless can be used to create clarity & motivation towards any goal.


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