Did you just add WordFence?


It’s been blocking me from SubliminalResults since yesterday, and there is no way in heck I’m going to send them a report considering their idea of a report is collected data encoded in a format that is unreadable by anything but them. I’ll try if my ISP can give me another IP, otherwise I’ll have a real challenge buying stuff…


WordFence Premium has been installed since day 1, and we’re not removing it, considering the sheer amount of attacks it has prevented. PM me your username and I’ll investigate why it auto blocked you.


Strange, it only started blocking me since yesterday, that’s why I asked. Obviously I’m not asking you to remove it, it’s my annoyance to deal with. I don’t quite understand what you mean with PM’ing my username. That’s DarkPhilosopher, right? Did you mean my email? Or my IP?


Yes, I meant the username associated with your SubClub Store account.


Most likely, it was an IP block. If you have a shared IP address, most likely means someone in your general vicinity was engaging in questionable behavior. At least in the states, most ISPs will refresh your IP if you ask.


I figured as much. I found a way to appear from a different IP, so it works for now. Thanks for being patient with me!