Did the Q Custom store remove that you can see the modules you bought?

So I’m pretty sure you could see the modules you bought before. Or am I dreaming?

Oh well back to ctrt f in my docs of all modules I have


Yea this thing don’t show up for me anymore.

Check to see if you are logged in to the Q Store

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That must be it because I have it there.

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I am logged in I can see orders and everything. Hmmm

Phone or computer?

clear cache and cookies


I just used chat gpt to clean up all orders and duplicates. It was like it looks like you are trying to sort out courses or modules :D.

Ai start listening to subclub

Try your phone and see if you have the same problem there. If not, it could be a computer browser issue.

Like @SaintSpring said, clear cache and cookies and restart your PC.

Or you could try a different browser too.

Yea works on phone will clear cache

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AFAIK, that only works from the pages that show multiple items.

If you’re on the page for a single product. It only shows “add to cart”

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yeah, that right.

We still need that on a separate page showing ALL the modules we bought in one place :smiley:

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Did this get resolved? @Sir.Patrik

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Well kinda reason it did not show up was Because i searched the modules i wanted and it don’t come up Then

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