Dhc Journal 2021: EMPQ + GLMU + PSITU + CommanderU


Hello All,

Primal Seduction: Iron Throne ULTIMA

1/1/2021 : no loops done.


This is what my subclub calendar Jan 2021 looks like… each program is 2 loops a day. M = masked, U = Ultima


Looks your fully booked with some awesome stuff through January.


And your goals are? :heart_eyes:

Your calendar looks pretty interesting to me. I’m curious about your results.


Any reason you chose GLM-Q-M x 2, instead of GLM-U x 1 – for the same 1 hour listening time?


@Simon Thanks for highlighting… redesigning now…


Goals!! still clarifying, ive been too attached to attain a certain outcome. im trying a different approach of dettaching myself from the outcome…

my mind knows what i want the deepest. @Voytek



Use the 5/2/2 rule. 5 days on, 2 days off, start with and increase weekly by 2 loops a day.


AMQ= Ascended Mogul ?


@pacman yes


Why AMQ & Emperor?


@pacman to reinforce… you suggest otherwise?


I would suggest EQ alone.
More subs more time for results. More input to process. More energy required to process.


what do you recommend i replace AMQ with @pacman

Momentary goals : No Fap



this is it for now. lets see how it turns out


This is my view :
You are fapping because there is some other underlying issue thats causing you problems. Maybe you have low self esteem , low or no confidence, approach anxiety etc . You fap to find pleasure because of the underlying issue. As you keep faping it releases some chemicals in the brain. After doing that all the time it becomes an addiction. Now do you want to cure no fap or deal with the underlying issue? Definitely the underlying issue needs to be resolved.

I used to fap also. It was also an addiction for me. Once i healed via subliminals and my confidence and self esteem and self worth started rising i didnt want to anymore. I felt i deserve women and thats what happened.
Im running Khan now and i feel extremely sexual at times if not most of the time but i crave real women instead of my hand.

So with that said Emperor will definitely raise your self worth ,self esteem etc which i can bet you will make you stop fapping. Remember it takes time.


Thanks for the insight @pacman


1 LOOP OF COmmander U : DONE & 1 LOOP OF PSITU masked: DONE


Have you read about:

Health Codex
Diamond Ultima
Stop Porn and Masturbation
Eye of the Storm
Inner Voice
Negativity Displacer
Spiritual Freedom
Dragon Reborn
Dragon Ultima


@Fire @SaintSovereign does the emperor sub contain these words? “i am what they call an emperor”

i keep repeating this to myself…with no concious effort