Devilito's Khan Journal


I have only joined this community since early April this year. Before using Khan, I had bought and used Emperor and Primal Seduction. The result is pretty good. There are several positive changes, even though the effect is not too significant for me.

However, this Khan is delightful! Must be completed stage by stage. Therefore I am thinking of writing a journal about the use of Khan that I feel day after day from today. I set up Khan ST1 Ultrasonic starting last night, using speakers from the laptop, a total of 8 loops from 9 PM to completion, and I listened to while I slept. So this is what I feel:

Day 1: I dreamed of my ex-girlfriend last night, and we argue about who is guilty of the dissolution of our relationship :grin: This morning I woke up with dizziness in my head and runny nose, even though I felt nothing the night before. It could be because Khan is indeed adapting to my brain or because two days before I went to the hospital to visit my nephew’s birth, so many germs came to my body :smile:


Oh, and I’m still waiting for an official guide to using Khan correctly and adequately from the Subliminal Club team :wink:


Day 2: Today, the cold I have is getting worse, followed by coughing. I did not go to the office :face_with_thermometer: My mood also became rather gloomy; for some reason, I was reminded of my ex-girlfriends. On the other hand, suddenly there was a motivation to complete my fun projects which had been abandoned for almost a decade. Finally, since this afternoon, I have tried to continue my website project on the history of shadow puppets in Indonesia and its characters, which I have started since 2011, but then I just ignored it :see_no_evil:


Day 3: My cold has still not healed, and actually, I could have stayed at home today, but there was a feeling I had to go to the office. So I went to the office. My boss in the office is amiable today. Even though yesterday I was not in office for two days, without much protest, she agreed to my three-day annual leave from next Monday. Not usually she did not protest, even though the workload in the office was crowded. Maybe this is a natural effect from the Emperor or even Primal Seduction that I used before :wink:

This evening my girlfriend sulked. She got angry on the phone. She said; lately, I didn’t give her enough attention as usual. Instead of arguing, I decided to come to her apartment, and, yeah, it turns out she just missed me. After I hugged her tightly, everything went smoothly again.


Sorry for not writing for a long time. After this, I will write a report on the use of Khan again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I have promised that I will regularly update my progress with Khan, but it turns out that I did not keep that promise. Now, all of a sudden I’m updating my pace again and I’m already in Khan St.4. Sorry, gentlemen :upside_down_face:


@Devilito - hope you are reaping the benefits of Khan ST4. Am interested to hear since am still in ST1


I have a Khan “journal” on here that I’ve left on ‘edit’ for a couple months now. For ST1 I journaled daily in my personal notebook, at the minimum just recording the hours I listened. But in ST2 I stopped journaling and stopped checking forums I usually look at daily. Might actually be something in the Khan script.