Deviating from the full Length of an Ultima


The Ultimas are 60 mins long.

But there are many times where I only have about a 30 to 45 Min window to listen to either of my Ultimas.

How much effectivity is diminished by listening to Ultima for 30 to 45 mins instead of 60?


Good question I wanted to know too. Also when I am hearing the subliminal if I get distracted lets say 10 mins and then I resume will it diminish the results?


This was answered by Fire in another thread I believe, you can resume and it’ll still work.


Back when I was doing set-and-forget (pre-Q) I would plop stuff into a repeating iTunes playlist.

I’m talking 2-3 subs in the same playlist on shuffle/repeat. leave office for a bit, come back…I never ran into any issues that I didn’t have already.

I see @DarkPhilosopher is typing and I wanna beat him to the punch here lol


You win!

Yes, you can walk away (or pause). It is however likely that an hour is usually just the right amount, so don’t use it as an excuse to start listening to Ultimas for 30 minutes.

Playing a stack on shuffle, that’s actually kind of a fun idea.


I did that so the SubC wouldn’t be able to “catch on” to the play order and be able to “tune out” stuff as a form of reconciliation/resistance.


That’s exactly what I was thinking, just like how on often played playlists you start humming the next song to yourself moments before it starts playing. Or with language audio courses, you memorize everything in the exact order and can’t do it in a random order. Shuffle to the rescue.


any advice regarding this anyone?


@DarkPhilosopher answered just a few mins ago. I say go for the full hour when possible. It should be ok as long as you don’t make a habit of cutting it short.


I remember somebody asking if they could listen for only 30 minutes to a module that used to be 30 minutes but after Q was now 60 minutes. Saint answered that 60 minutes was the optimal amount of time and advised to listen for 60. I assume a similar recommendation goes for Ultimas, since Ultima has a bit of Q in it (shh, don’t tell anybody!)


Yeah I figure if SaintFire (lol) could get titles to 30 mins and still be as effective, they would. Because that would for sure be a selling point I think.

I can only imagine how dense the scripting must be for all this shit to come together and work. I have my own theories about how some of it works, but it’s all just conjecture which I’ll keep to myself.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to NDA my life away and help them build this tech out even more. This stuff is a geek’s wet dream I swear.


@DarkPhilosopher One thing I also do (which I forgot to mention) is I generated 3 different “Silence” files in Audacity. 1 min of silence, 2 mins of silence, 3 mins of silence.

Will sometimes add that to the playlist. Where I’ll basically have a separate copy of the 1, 2, 3 silence bits for each sub track I add to the playlist.

It adds in a nice randomized break/buffer between loops.

And since I primarily use Ultras, it works great. truly set-and-forget (with built-in breaks).

I struggle listening to Ultima tracks since I prefer the “silence” of ultras. But if the Ultima line can possibly get results in a single use, I’m damn hell sure gonna try it.