Delayed Sleep-Phase Disorder


I’ve been sufferring from DSPD for a while, only falling asleep at around 5 am every night and waking up at 10 or 11 am.

I think it has been a culmination of the stress from chronic depression, financial problems, lack of proper income, as well as being locked down with an insane family member and a religious extremist family member. To add to that, I do get work related matters to from other time zones to attend to.

I wonder whether the lack of proper sleep impacts on subliminal usage . I believe it does so on my meditation practices.

Is there some subliminal that can deal with this problem? Or would there be something from the Q-Store to address this?


Emperor fitness st1 has a deep sleep module in it. I’m sure others do. I think Dreams exists too. On days that you work out to exhaustion do you find it easier or harder to get to sleep? Does it matter? Have you tried melatonin?


Does it matter when you sleep? It sounds like you are getting 5-6 hours which is all some people need. If you need more, can you wake up at noon or one? This all sounds normal to me because I’ve worked night shift for years.


It matters when you have a day job where people don’t respect your chronotype.

Welcome to the club, King! When I don’t set an alarm clock for a while, I tend to slowly gravitate towards 0200-0400 until somewhere after 0900 myself. I’m most alert in the evenings, have times where I eat around 2200 and exercise around midnight.

And if I do set an alarm, I tend to get more and more tired as the week goes by. Which is why I prefer working 4 days of the week, taking Wednesday off. It allows me to compensate by sleeping in a bit. Waiting for the day I am no longer office-bound and can try out multi-phasic sleeping.

Most subs give me more energy, which wanes a bit after I get used to them. There is only one in particular that somehow made me go to bed around midnight and wake up around 0700 fresh and full of flowers and butterflies and blue skies. I won’t tell you which one just yet.

Unfortunately nowadays I’m so super-busy I can’t make midnight. But the sub sure seems to try.

No guarantee it’ll do the same for you of course.



@COWolfe It definitely matters when you want to keep a normal 9-5 working schedule so as to give a sense of discipline stability and professionalism to your life.

@mnemosyne I don’t have the budget for Emperor Fitness. Not wanting to try Melatonin yet.

Anyway, I’ve managed to discipline myself to sleep earlier last night and woke up much earlier than usual.

So I guess there’s some hope but I didn’t listen to any subliminals yesterday and turned off my phone.