Definitive Answer about Stereo vs Mono?


I did a search but didn’t find a definitive answer from Saint or Fire (though it’s possible I missed it).

For ultrasonic tracks, does listening via mono speaker diminish the results?


I’m bumping this in case it got lost over the weekend.


Hey, I believe Saint said he uses an iPhone at least a little bit during the day. Many other users here use mono through their phones as well

I run Emperor at night through a TV in my room, which is mono, and I seem to be getting results.

That being said, I’d speculate that when in doubt, use stereo, for more “depth”. I’m gonna get some stereo speakers soon, and I’ll report if I find there is a difference.


Thanks, TarMac.

I’m still hoping @SaintSovereign or @Fire will offer the definitive answer.


Bumping one last time in hope that now @SaintSovereign is back he’ll see it and offer his answer. Thanks!