Definitive Answer about Stereo vs Mono?


I did a search but didn’t find a definitive answer from Saint or Fire (though it’s possible I missed it).

For ultrasonic tracks, does listening via mono speaker diminish the results?


I’m bumping this in case it got lost over the weekend.


Hey, I believe Saint said he uses an iPhone at least a little bit during the day. Many other users here use mono through their phones as well

I run Emperor at night through a TV in my room, which is mono, and I seem to be getting results.

That being said, I’d speculate that when in doubt, use stereo, for more “depth”. I’m gonna get some stereo speakers soon, and I’ll report if I find there is a difference.


Thanks, TarMac.

I’m still hoping @SaintSovereign or @Fire will offer the definitive answer.


Bumping one last time in hope that now @SaintSovereign is back he’ll see it and offer his answer. Thanks!


I have made a simple test in Audacity.
I have put one sound in the right and another sound in the left, then exported them as one stereo mp3 file.

Then I have played the file on my phone which it has a “mono” speaker. Obviously I have noticed that my idea of “mono” was a dumb one :)). The phone played both sounds.

The problem indeed comes when I listen with only one earbud. I miss the other sound.

So for this post title, the “definitive” answer would be:

  1. Listening on a phone speaker which is “mono”, is OK (as long as there are not any binaurals or any other special technology).
  2. Listening with only one earbud, could miss some messages from the other earbud.