Deep Sleep addon

I struggle with getting to sleep at night. I am intrigued by the deep sleep add on module available in the Q store.

I’m wondering if that has to be stand alone and only listened to before bed or if adding it to my main productivity Q build (EOG, Emperor, plus some results add-ons would be work.

IOW, would adding a sleep module to something I listen to during the day for productivity be counter-productive – and would having productivity main modules make it actually harder to fall asleep if I’m listening in bed?

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I asked the same question before. According to users who ran subs with Deep Sleep, answer is no, it only work during sleep bur doesnt make one sleepy

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Just to clarify what you’re saying…

It makes you sleepy at night when it’s supposed to but not during the day when it’s not supposed to. Yes?

Yes that’s right.

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It will not make you sleepy upon listening, it will instead give your subconscious mind suggestions on sleeping better. The subliminals do not work as “state activators”, only the supercharger products work that way. For instance, I DO feel very tired when I listen to the Dreams supercharger, which I believe is intentional - but I also listen before bed so that probably adds to it.

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I have deep sleep in my custom which i use for two days and i had more trouble sleeping (2-3 hours spinning around) Users reported that this module helps when you want to sleep. It doesnt make you sleepy

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Oh, dang! I certainly don’t want to risk putting Deep Sleep into my expensive custom Q sub if it might actually make it HARDER to sleep! Now I’m torn! :slight_smile:

First of all i am using this module only two days. It doesnt mean anything i just wrote my experience. Also the past few days, i have a lot of errants to do and it is difficult to fall asleep. Second you should consider i might have reconciliation against this module specifically

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I decided to leave the deep sleep module out for now. I just didn’t want to risk it and I already had quite a few modules in the cart.

Down the road, I’ll probably create a sleep specific module just for bedtime listening.

Just to give you an update. In day 3 and 4 i slept very deep. Actually i slept 6 hours and i had a vivid dream. The past 30 days, i slept 6 hours 3-4 times maximum. My average was around 4-5 hours daily with very low sleep quality


That’s great. Happy to hear it’s working for you.