Dealing with codependency and/or breakup?


I’m getting ready to buy Emperor and I really do not want to go building some über-stack off the bat but I was wondering, if I were to add one thing to it, what would be good for building emotional resilience in the context of a potentially less than healthy relationship? I’m talking about the tumultuous “heaven one day, catastrophic brink of breakup” the next kind, and the subsequent rollercoaster of anger-resentment-guilt-reconciliation that follows it.

Specifically, I"m looking at Regeneration, Sanguine, and Elixir. Would any one of these three be best recommended? What are the finer differences between these?


Emperor may truly be all you need.

Your sense of self, self esteem and what you believe you deserve in life will all increase rapidly. Most importantly you’ll learn to take action in the face of intense emotional pain and this may facilitate a breakup or change in relationship. I believe Emperor also contains healing that is focused on the goals of Emperor, which in this case should help you (no Emperor I know of would be in an abusive relationship.)

If your partner is currently being abusive to you the aura of dominance and other parts of Ascension in Emperor may make her respect you more.

In my opinion relationships like this are never worth it and if you can find it in yourself to leave then please do.


Leaving is always easier said/threatened/screamed than done. Hah. But what you say about the Emperor’s included modules is what I was hoping to hear.

Thanks for the pointers and the love, bro. I got it. :slight_smile:


Take it from someone dating a hot-blooded Latina from New York – Emperor will keep you dominant and in control of any relationship.


Haha. I’m from Queens and she’s from Brooklyn. Ka-boom.


Emperor and Sanguine. Sanguine was specifically designed to help you keep your cool no matter what happens.


Is Sanguine a module for making you more stoic? Stoic attitude towards life, I guess…?


Pretty much.

Have a read here:


@Fire : Not to argue over semantics but aren’t stoic and optimistic two different things?


The description says you will keep your power in all situations, which I think is the basic idea of stoic philosophy and practice.


It is not just optimism that is in Sanguine - it is confidence and complete trust in your own ability, that allows you to hold your frame in any situation.

Stoicism is not simply about being like a stone. A stone is strong, but it is also rigid. It is about knowledge, in this case knowledge of the self. By being knowledgeable of the self and trusting in it, you naturally become stoic in any situation, while not being limited by it.

This is what Sanguine accomplishes.


Can Sanguine be run by itself on loop?


Nothing is stopping you, but it will work best with a major subliminal.


Fair enough. I have Sanguine running in a loop along with Emperor V2


Thank you, Fire, for the suggestion.

JCast, I’m new to stacking. How do you program Sanguine? For example, do you have 3 loops of Emperor, 1 loop of Sanguine or some other such combo?


I play them back to back with the repeat on. I have no set loops or anything like that