Daredevil - Unbenched


This will be a pure and detailed Daredevil Journal. I may talk about other subs i stack with daredevil but it will be the main focus.

Day 1: After downloading Daredevil i started playing it on loop. Its was around 9 pm, by the 4th loop something incredible was happening. I was feeling surges of dopamine and good feelings in my body. It was so intense i actually felt that those plesant hits were circulating through my heart. It seems that Daredevil is a powerful mood enhancer.


Went to see some friends in town. I was tired and my energy level was a bit down. I’ve been sleeping 6 hours every night for the last week. Today i woke up from a 11 hour sleep. While out and about, i felt vaulnrable around my friends. What was going inside was apparent on the outside. This rarly happens, untill I started Daredevil yesterday. It was good.

I then hit the gym. The first 30 min were slow and by the book. The next hour tho, my energy was rushing and i was pulling supersets left and right. I’ve been missing my wokouts for far too long. I’ve yet to find a better way to stabilize my mood.

  • Daredevil first day observations: I was more genuine around people and it was comfortable. While listening to Daredevil, i was getting those sweet steronine hits almost as if i was getting a relaxing massage.


Daredevil makes talking to people consume far less energy and i can talk and express far better than before. If i choose to do so. It has, however, its own healing to do i suppose.

I was talking to the co worker i had sex with, telling a story of some sort. She abruptly says ” i like the way you talk about things ”


Today i went on a date with a girl i share a mutual crush with since 6 months ago. The attraction was subtle but always there. We had coffee and i had her laughing all the way through while barly trying. The logistics we not in my favor though so it was a casual date and nothing more.

There were times while texting that she showed extreme needines but only for few moments. We will be going on a more ” intimate date ” soon again. Expressing myself is very easy while on Daredevil.


2 weeks + on Daredevil and i can say that i now speak twice as much. More words, more geastures, more expression which is definitly helping at both my jobs. I dont get tired after socializing and i feel very comfortable around people.

In the study accosiation i work at. It can be very easy to lose students since its free of charge ( for them ) and they are not forced to show up. It used to not matter how good of a job i do, infact its more important to keep the students coming than do a good job.

I used to have between 4 to 8 students per group and the number is gradually decresing. I now have 16 students and its getting out of hand. My boss is happy for once


Current stack list:
Primal Seduction
And daredevil x2

I have not been listening as much as i desire. Im working and commuting for 12 hours a day 6 days a week. My wallet is fat now and im left to worry about small shit since most neccecities are being met.

Same old shit. I want to feel alive and victorious. What im i doing to achieve it? Not enough…

I feel like i need more luck… luck as being in desirable situations more often. Not like win the lottery luck. Life seems to be a dick sometimes. When im doing my best, keeping a great mood, sharing, working with passion nothing happens. When im depressed? Thats when friends go to parties, thats when im meeting a hot girl.

Its always unexpected. Its chaotic, life is a an effn troll sometimes.

Depression and complaining is a luxury i cant afford at this point. Its far easier to throw in the towel than to go another round. Sweet victory is close, and soon i will be the same smartass posting ” this shit is easy, what the fuck was the big deal with me before ”

Dammit xD


Great Journal, keep it up. I love hearing about Daredevil. I was considering adding it to Ascended Mogul that I’ve been listening to for a couple weeks now. However, I also have EoG and after much contemplation have decided that building wealth and my business is number one priority right now.


Thats good to hear. Make sure to use it regularly. I’ve had great sudden bursts of success with ascended mogul… Eog will be better