Daredevil, Primal Seduction & True Social


This will be a pure and detailed Daredevil Journal. I may talk about other subs i stack with daredevil but it will be the main focus.

Day 1: After downloading Daredevil i started playing it on loop. Its was around 9 pm, by the 4th loop something incredible was happening. I was feeling surges of dopamine and good feelings in my body. It was so intense i actually felt that those plesant hits were circulating through my heart. It seems that Daredevil is a powerful mood enhancer.


Went to see some friends in town. I was tired and my energy level was a bit down. I’ve been sleeping 6 hours every night for the last week. Today i woke up from a 11 hour sleep. While out and about, i felt vaulnrable around my friends. What was going inside was apparent on the outside. This rarly happens, untill I started Daredevil yesterday. It was good.

I then hit the gym. The first 30 min were slow and by the book. The next hour tho, my energy was rushing and i was pulling supersets left and right. I’ve been missing my wokouts for far too long. I’ve yet to find a better way to stabilize my mood.

  • Daredevil first day observations: I was more genuine around people and it was comfortable. While listening to Daredevil, i was getting those sweet steronine hits almost as if i was getting a relaxing massage.


Daredevil makes talking to people consume far less energy and i can talk and express far better than before. If i choose to do so. It has, however, its own healing to do i suppose.

I was talking to the co worker i had sex with, telling a story of some sort. She abruptly says ” i like the way you talk about things ”


Today i went on a date with a girl i share a mutual crush with since 6 months ago. The attraction was subtle but always there. We had coffee and i had her laughing all the way through while barly trying. The logistics we not in my favor though so it was a casual date and nothing more.

There were times while texting that she showed extreme needines but only for few moments. We will be going on a more ” intimate date ” soon again. Expressing myself is very easy while on Daredevil.


2 weeks + on Daredevil and i can say that i now speak twice as much. More words, more geastures, more expression which is definitly helping at both my jobs. I dont get tired after socializing and i feel very comfortable around people.

In the study accosiation i work at. It can be very easy to lose students since its free of charge ( for them ) and they are not forced to show up. It used to not matter how good of a job i do, infact its more important to keep the students coming than do a good job.

I used to have between 4 to 8 students per group and the number is gradually decresing. I now have 16 students and its getting out of hand. My boss is happy for once


Current stack list:
Primal Seduction
And daredevil x2

I have not been listening as much as i desire. Im working and commuting for 12 hours a day 6 days a week. My wallet is fat now and im left to worry about small shit since most neccecities are being met.

Same old shit. I want to feel alive and victorious. What im i doing to achieve it? Not enough…

I feel like i need more luck… luck as being in desirable situations more often. Not like win the lottery luck. Life seems to be a dick sometimes. When im doing my best, keeping a great mood, sharing, working with passion nothing happens. When im depressed? Thats when friends go to parties, thats when im meeting a hot girl.

Its always unexpected. Its chaotic, life is a an effn troll sometimes.

Depression and complaining is a luxury i cant afford at this point. Its far easier to throw in the towel than to go another round. Sweet victory is close, and soon i will be the same smartass posting ” this shit is easy, what the fuck was the big deal with me before ”

Dammit xD


Great Journal, keep it up. I love hearing about Daredevil. I was considering adding it to Ascended Mogul that I’ve been listening to for a couple weeks now. However, I also have EoG and after much contemplation have decided that building wealth and my business is number one priority right now.


Thats good to hear. Make sure to use it regularly. I’ve had great sudden bursts of success with ascended mogul… Eog will be better


I’ve been trying Emperor with Daredevil and its fucking nuts. I have so much energy, im outspoken and i feel confident as hell. However im way to expressive my anger is off the charts.

I used to work hard yet stay apathertic and indifferent. I never felt like putting myself out there. Its boring, people are stupid and nothing cool happens. Sure i workout, work hard, study and read books but i dont feel a thing.

Back to now… my emotions are out there… i cant control it. I’ve snapped at almost everyone i know and almodt all of them are afraid of doing something stupid. What angers me most is peopleand situations that waste my time. I dont want to repeat myself, i dont want to explain myself im not listening to anything that is unintresting to me. Things are more intresting now to say the least

Emperor and Daredevil… i would not reccomend mixing them… cant say its not fun though

Sub suggestion... Emperor or...?

I have been on Daredevil for 36 days now… i have been mixing it up with with other subs… but now, following Lee’s example, i will use Daredevil and Primal Seduction for atleast 2 months. Just those two.

They seem to work synergetically and thats good to hear.


I’m doing the same but only running 1 loop of daredevil as main focus is seduction


I have added True Social to the mix. Sounds like fun :slight_smile:

On a nother note…

Some aussi girl with 10k+ followers on her insta followed me a week ago. It was probably one of those follow for follow accounts i thought first.

Then my friend tells me some girl thinks im hot and i should add her. I added her but said nothing for 4 days. She texts me and after a bit of talking it turns out she is the same one. We hit it off well and we talk once in a while but thats it. Could be some sort of manifestation but who knows


With daredevil and true social the results are just about what you expect. I am far more social and flexible but im still me. I talk when and as much as i feel like.

It didnt make me a more social or open, it made it far easier when i actually want to. Before… i would want to change to be someone else.

Right now… im pretty good. I dont need need to escape from myself :slight_smile:


Something intresting about true social. My confidence is in a leauge of its own now. At one point while at work. Something hit me…

No matter how much i develop and heal a part of me, the system improver, always seeks new ways to optimize and get better even at the cost of true autheticity.

How do put an end to this. I have been developing and imrpoving for years and years im far away from the average guy but the feeling of not being complete is the same. If it didnt happen yet it probably never will. Provided i go the same damned path.

While using true social the last couple of days i was reaching a sound conclusion. The answor to becoming intact without hindering the system improver. It was either apathy or chasing phantoms.

The answor is hard to put into words but i found something to help me unmask the truth that ever eluded me. I’ve never felt anything as profound as this and i give full credit to True Social. Not Primal Seduction… not Daredevil… nothing hit nearly as close it did today. No build up, no progress towards it. It just happened

I remebred when i was a kid. I never for one second doubted myself yet i was always excersizing the system improver.

I mearly reconnected to the way i was as a kid and within seconds i was seeing the world through my own eyes and people were treating me like like the man i always wanted to be. In fact i cant even remeber their new reactions to since all that matters to me now is the below… as apposed to the above.

For once, since 2007, i had zero doubts about anything. That intangable, unreasonable and unshakable beliefe that i am… Me… the colorless, the formless, the observer living behind the scene has taken form.

Its me

Ps: Well its either True Social or All 3 since im using them consistently now… compared to switching subs every week and or trying too many at once…

So the credit may go to @lee_mdk since he proved that choosing a goal and staying consistent with it yeald concrete progress… suprise suprise


I am glad I inspired you a little. Nice revelation you had. Let’s see where it takes you.


Its been hell of a week. I have been crushing it at work and dealing with some stuff. On the other hand… i started watching Lucifer the Tv show and i have bern facinated by the charactor. The same intrest i had in games when i was using Gaming Mastery X.

The way he always seems to be in the zone and completly in the moment is spectacular. I feel like putting myself out there more and more. And im slowly doing so.

Im starting to get a feel for the zone energy reserves. I always had a little of that as it is.

That is why i practice more on my piano.


Today i have had a major social break through. My roommate who moved in with me and i are very close friends. He is the type of guy that is very friendly and cool. Nothing truly remarkable but his sense of self is unparalleled. He is the type who can make friends and connections as easily as drinking water.

Today our discussions led to a major question:
I asked: If you wanted us to do something and i was going to say no to reject the idea, what answor would you prefer.
A: Sorry dude i dont feel like it.
B: Im sorry man today i did this and that and im very tired maybe another time.

He choose option B. Then i asked: you do realise that option B is just me bullshitting you.

He said yes i know but it feels better.

And that right there is what is holding me back. If someone Option Bs me about something i would cringe and feel disrespected as if i cant handle the truth but people dont tick the way i do. At least around here.

If im talking to someone its because im genuinly intrested because if i wasnt, i would not talk in the first place. With people though, i could never truly know since few have the guts to say what they mean and mean what they say.

After all this time. It wasnt because i lacked confidence, personality, respect, status or anything.

Im way too honest and ignorantly assumed that others should be like me. I mean how easy would it be to know that the people i talked to share something. We are talking after all. Why would anyone bother to pretend or bs just to be nice.

For the longest time i could not form connections with people since i never truly knew. I knew about me but not them.

So the solution he came up with for me is the following:

It takes two to tango, i should BS people and be much less direct. If i want an active social life and more than 3 friends at a time that is.

So stupid, so simple and unfortunatly this makes way too much sense. A breakthrough nontheless


Yeah, rejection is a natural fear of human being, if you reject someone that you just came into contact with, they won’t have good emotions associated with you!


My stack have upgraded to Primal Seduction ( Iron throne ) and the good old Daredevil. With in 3 days of using Iron Throne i got laid… 7,5 /10… a lil chubby but who cares… witty enough turn me on tho.

Met her yesterday night at the supermarket. Got her snap. Today we talked and i joked about joining her in her powernap she was like come over. I went there… she was acting unintrested, she tested alot but i was ice cold and went for it. The skill from sex mastery is pretty much permenant since i was only using Daredevil and Iron Throne… the latter seems to have elements from SM in terms of the having the right mindset, dominance to stamina. Almost a third from it.

She is a totally different person on text now saying studf like ” i wish i was in your bed, we should do this again etc ”

So yeah. Iron Throne is pretty much the GOAT. Nuff said. Mix that with Sex Mastery X and you will not believe the tremendious amount of difference in the way they treat you. Thats all for now gentlmen :smile:


I like the vibe you produce. No doubt that it came so smoothly. Nice! :blush: