Daredevil to help with mental exhaustion from social events?


I’m a textbook introvert; I can be sociable and very outgoing at events (parties, conferences, etc) but it absolutely drains me. I need several days to recharge after being “on” all day at an event, but all of the conferences I go to are all 2-3 days minimum. I can push through it, but after I’m back home I’m so exhausted mentally that I don’t want to see or talk to anyone for a few days.

I love the conferences etc, I just find dealing with that many people for multiple days in a row to be too tiring. I’ve avoided going to some events for that very reason, even though it could have helped my business.

Any other introverts have experience using Daredevil for business networking/schmoozing? (I have no interest in being social for the sake of being social, just connecting better with business contacts)


For me, daredevil gives a very outgoing personality but I feel that power can corrupt is better / smarter, you say more what is needed and don’t give your energy away so much on nonsense, so when you get home you still have energy.


The cost of the conferences I go to itself weeds out nearly all of the nonsense (time wasters usually can’t afford to get in the door) so I just need to be charming and witty to get into rapport quickly enough to deliver a pitch to the people we want to work with. I can do that now, I’m just tired afterwards :wink:

PCC + Daredevil would be an interesting mix.


It may sound strange, but the first thing that popped into my head was something meditative, like As Above / So Below. At least for the recovery thing. Cultivating refreshing energy once back in your hotel room at the end of the day.


Interesting suggestion, I hadn’t considered that! I do 40-60 minutes of meditation each day, which helps, adding an energy visualization afterwards/during the evening meditation could work.


I’ve been wanting a psychic protection subliminal. I guess Alchemist is the best bet for now. I also find myself lacking energy after work and on my days off. Some of us just have to find tools that help us protect our energy from being drained. It’d be nice to have a supercharger to address this, maybe something to help those of us who identify as introverts or empaths so we can still be in the world and it’s a choice of being alone and resting rather than it being a need, or maybe even a stack module for energy/psychic protection. I guess Sanguine would be the closest thing so maybe I’ll finally take the plunge and try it out myself especially to get through the holiday season.


@blackice I am exactly like you. I am on Quantum Learning for 2 weeks and I feel much better in conferences . Yesterday I had to speak in one conference and I felt in the moment. I did not drain all my energy and today I feel good and even ready for another conference if ever there would be one today. QL is really magic ! This was my best investment so far in subliminal Club.


Which stage is Quantum Learning? :wink:


I am on ST2 during the day and ST1 at night


1 more week until I get QL!