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Hey everyone pleasure to meet you all here, and i look forward to journaling live here in the future as well.

Quick question that I messaged support also but want to see if anyone here is dealing with it. Normally in past when i created custom subliminals and added them to my cart i would see the modules listed in the cart as well. But now when i add a custom sub to the cart i see no modules listed their. Anyone else having this problem if it even is a problem at all? Cheers!


To add and be clear to this because i can see some people misunderstanding. I understand after we buy modules they arent in cart we have to type them in to add them for future custom subs so thats not what im confused on. Im confused that normally when i make my new custom sub plus all the modules added it will literally show all the modules i added to that sub in the cart before checkout

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We’re working on upgrading the cart. Your modules are there, the list has just been replaced with an edit link that takes you back to the build page.

appreciate the response man, that clears it up for me, cheers!

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