Customer Support System Overhaul

Just a note that we’re currently overhauling the customer support system. We’ve identified why some of the tickets are going unanswered – it’s because the current system we’re using has been rejecting emails entered into the support form, which feeds into our helpdesk software. That being said, we’re looking at a number of solutions, all of which will allow our upcoming full-time customer success manager to easily answer all of your questions. Our goal is to provide you with a response to your questions within 1-2 hours during business hours and within 1 business day, period.

We’re also looking at options to overhaul the knowledge base, making it much easier to use and find answers. The goal here is to unify both the knowledgebases on both sites into one dedicated site, providing a singular, clean experience.

Please bear with us as we work on this transition. Support times on the forum may be slightly longer as we get everything going. Tickets are still 1-3 business days. If your ticket isn’t answered by then, please email [email protected] directly rather than using the “Submit a Ticket” form.


Support Center is done, but we’ve been testing the new ticket system and user experience nonstop. We’ll do a soft launch in the morning to discover any logistics issues or bugs, then switch everything over to the new system.

What this means is, we’ll post the link here, but not replace the current knowledge base / submit a ticket forms until later. I’ll also start writing new support guides based on everyone’s suggestions.

I do want to point out our expectations for this project, though. We’re spending a lot of time capital setting this up — it’s become quite expensive. Once it’s done, we’re going to expect everyone to search through the articles there before tagging us in a post.

The ticketing system shouldn’t be abused either. Search before asking. The goal is to make this thing the most comprehensive library on not just our titles, but subliminals in general.


Sounds great,looking forward to it.Will be alot better to read full support guides from you rather than my collection of your posts in the unofficial faq :smile: Haha,i probably wont need to keep that one going after this though,lol.Can retire it :rofl:

The Support Center will soft launch Monday. Right now, we’re testing a unified login system that will automatically log you into all of our websites (except the forum), when you log into one. That means, once you login to, you’ll automatically be logged into the Support Center website and Q. We’ve developed this feature for your convenience, as you’ll need to be logged into your store account in order to put in a support ticket. You’ll be able to see a history of all your support requests and our responses (in case you run into the same problem again), as well as provide feedback on our support agent’s help.


Why is it so complicated to access your support tickets? @SaintSovereign

I go to, then I click on “my tickets” and then log in.

I put in my details and then get redirected to

Then I again type in and get redirected to

Then I need to click again on support button on to get redirected to and then I click on “my tickets” again and then I finally see them…

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Clear cookies from the last week and try again. You might have got caught up in the software we were testing to unify logins across all three sites, that we opted not to use because it increased login times.

And next time, put a ticket in. Pretty soon, I’m going to start ignoring when people tag me on support posts to try and get a quicker response. It just so happens that I was taking a break and saw this.

Lucky me, because I would have never opened a support ticket for that. I thought this is a sort of “feature” haha.

Worked by the way! Thanks.