Custom: Ultimate Healing Q + Lust At First Sight Q + The Mighty Mogul Q


This custom sub consists of the following:

Cores: (2)

Mods: (10)

  1. Energetic Development XI
  2. New Beginnings
  3. Blue Skies
  4. Unlimiter
  6. ARES
  7. Inner Voice
  8. Information Releaser
  9. Attachment Destroyer
  10. Negativity Displacer

Results Enhancers: (8)

  1. Yggdrasil
  2. The Merger of Worlds
  3. Pragya
  4. Omnidimensional
  5. The Architect
  6. DEUS
  7. Divine Will
  8. I AM

I would like to thank everyone that has given me feedback in choosing the cores and modules in this custom. Also to @SaintSovereign and @Fire for sending this custom sub to me in less than 24 hours after I placed my order, your excellent customer service is much appreciated.

Moving along…

The objective of this subliminal is to help me heal through all Times, Spaces, Realities & Dimensions. This will in turn allow me to cultivate the energy and vibrate at a frequency that gets all the chicks. Once this is done (timeline I’m estimating 3-6 months), I will create a custom subliminal called Lust At First Sight.

I choose the modules largely based on recommendations by @Hermit, with some tweaks based on my intuition. As you can see, this is heavily targeting emotional, mental traumas and other bad experiences. Strangely, I have an excellent memory of my life till this point and can remember most if not all of the negative experiences that are preventing me from being who I desire to be. Along with that, clearing up negative energy with Energetic Development XI and The Architect.

Action To Be Taken:
I will go through Dr Joe Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop meditations, spanning 9 weeks, daily. But I will start from week 3 since weeks 1-2 are just theory. My plan is to meditate with my custom sub playing in the background.

Dread it, run from it… in the end Perfect Health still arrives…

edit: I forgot to add, even though I am about to start my own business related to healthcare, I am not targeting wealth/finances directly at the moment because I need to heal myself so I can impart that vibration of health to all that I’m serving. But doing so will help me be wealthy as my business booms from helping people get well.

edit 2: Changed name of thread to Ultimate Healing Q, other name was long and kinda lame (lol).

edit 3: I got Lust At First Sight Q. I will be running in tandem with Ultimate Healing Q. These are the modules in it:


  1. Primal Q
  2. Sex Mastery X2 Q


  1. Approachability Aura

  2. Aura of Craving

  3. Auric Overdriver

  4. Direct Influencing Aura

  5. Intensity Aura

  6. Sphaera Magnetica

  7. Energetic Development XI

  8. Earthshaker - Sexuality

  9. Instant Spark

  10. Temptation

  11. Current Invoker

  12. DEUS

  13. Divine Will

  14. Jupiter

  15. Omnidimensional

  16. Pragya

  17. The Merger of Worlds

  18. Tyrant

  19. Yggdrasil

Pretty obvious as to the objective of this subliminal :smiling_imp:


Fantastic. I wish you all the best in your journey with this new custom sub.


Thank you very much!


Day 1:

I woke up at 11am and was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from the Q-store that my custom was ready. Downloaded it, made a back up and started listening an hour later.

While listening to it, I felt calm. A sentence came to me but I cant remember it right now. After just 1 loop, I felt lighter.

Then I listened to it while watching Joe Dispenza’s video. I didnt notice anything significant this time.

Throughout the day I felt that my thoughts were slightly less scattered.

edit: 2 more loops, first one while listening to Dr Joe’s “gift of the present moment”. This sub is smooooooth!!! I could listen to it from start to finish without feeling restless. Unlike Stark where I’ll be like “Okay how long more?” after 40-45 mins.


A well rounded subliminal, you chose the modules wisely. Good luck on your path!


Thanks for suggesting Ascension to me. That was a game changer…


How’s Ascension been going for you?


So far so good. I feel lighter and have a more positive Inner Voice. Cant pinpoint it to specific modules but I wouldnt be surprise if it is playing a huge part.


Ascension is a foundational program, and it is truly lifestyle altering.

My Custom will contain Ascension & Stark.


Anyhow, I’m especially interested to see you results and insights on the healing modules because I can only include two into my Custom. Out of all of the Negativity modules, I would have chosen the Displacer as well, so that’s a good decision in my opinion.

Probably going for Either Ares or Februus but I Am also looks interesting.


Welcome to the inner circle bro looking foreward to reading more as your journey progresses.


I will do my best to help you make the best choice through journaling.


Thank you very much!


Pre Day 2:

I had a dream of my crush/specific person, and it was identical to what I visualize in a State Akin To Sleep!! I cant remember the exact details, but she was contacting me repeatedly on one of the social media platforms. Then we shared an act of intimacy (that involved her booty, lol) and she giggled happily throughout!

This is significant for me because for the past weeks I had been having a bad feeling of her seeing other people.

While doing Dr Joe’s meditation yesterday, I had a tough time staying in the Eternal Now, but seems like Negative Displacer and/or Inner Voice is already working as I told myself “It’s alright, as I keep up with this it’s only going to get easier and easier”. So I am already being less hard on myself.


Awesome, can’t wait to see your progression.


What do you think of these guys?

and this video from their channel in particular?

Yes, I admit the title caught my attention more than anything else.

Am thinking of playing it with my sub and Joe Dispenza’s meditation, but then I wouldnt be able to pinpoint the causation of my results.


Any of these channels are good, make sure to check with an Oscilloscope to see if they’re actually transmitting the frequencies mentioned.

Frequency music works better on external sound-systems as you can spread the wave throughout your entire environment, on headphones it’ll still work though.

It’ll enhance your results. Use 417hz for cleansing of negativity in yourself and the environment, 396 hz to let go off fears, stress, worries and anxiety, 174 hz to heal emotional and physical pain.

When those issues are solved, I usually move into 432 & 528.


Uhm… is Frequensee an Oscilloscope?

What about 963 Hz? What is it’s purpose?


Frequensee is good enough.

963 hz –

963Hz Frequency is used to instill Unconditional Love also known as Christ Consciousness. Christ Consciousness is defined as having a fully opened heart and centering one’s being in the higher chakras. With Christ Consciousness comes the promise of unlimited possibilities where one can view the realities of existence outside the realm of time and space.

The 963 Hz frequency is connected with the Light, and enables direct experience with Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. tone of 963Hz is perhaps the most direct method for re-establishing your connection to the Divine, Source, also known as Christ Consciousness which is Unconditional Love. Meaning, Love without judgement of self or others for we are all from the same Source. It is associated with the Crown Chakra/Sahasrara and recognized as the Pineal Activator or ‘Third Eye’ to higher dimensions.

963Hz frequency affords the presence of divinity which is amplified allowing Light and Love to guide the present experience. Living in this influence we awaken to the perfect state. 963Hz has long been recognized as one of the ancient healing frequencies of the Solfeggio to help heal body, mind and soul. This frequency re-connects you with the Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. It will enable you to experience Oneness – our true nature.


Seems like it’s all encompassing. If so, why even bother with the other Solfeggio frequencies?

edit: for those interested,