Custom Subliminals with Multi-Stage Program Cores: Strategies


Seems like there will be some strategies involved to using Custom Subliminals with multistage cores. (Is anyone discussing this somewhere else?)

At my current point, I’m lucky because I’m already onto Stage 4 of a multistage. But let’s say I was just up to stage 2 with, for example, Khan. I don’t think I’d want to make a custom subliminal with just that stage as the core because I would still be planning to work through all 4 stages.

One possible strategy: buy the generic (non-name-embedded) version of your desired program. Listen to all stages as you normally would. Once you are through that process, you’ll know which stages you want to work with longer. The most common might be Stage IV. Then you build a custom subliminal around the Stage IV core module.

Another strategy. Just jump right to building the custom subliminal around Stage IV. Listen to that Custom during the same time period as when you work through stages I-IV of the generic version.

Another strategy. Use the major program core from the single stage major program that is most closely related to your multi-stage program. (e.g., Mogul for Ecstasy of Gold, Limitless for Quantum Limitless) and use that while at the same time you work through the generic-version multi-stage program.

Just throwing these out there. What do you think?


Interesting point.

I’m tempted to include EF1 & 2 - both would fit great - but it would get the sub up to 4 cores.

Including EF4 right away to keep the core count down seems wrong. (higher input, EF3 included but not really what I’m looking for.)


I’m currently on Alchemist ST1 so I’ve been thinking about this too, including the options you mentioned. I don’t have a good solution. I’ll probably just end up creating a new build for each stage, but it sucks that the early stage subs will essentially become redundant once you hit ST4.


You seem to know your way around SC. I will pay you for assisting me to create my custom when the time comes :smile:

Joking aside, just an idea…if some kind of guidance or assistance was available from the creators (with a a cost) it might be a good idea. I am sure many people won’t go into analysis because of their personality or time or even not create the right one because of lack of knowledge of what they really need. I assume when someone creates a custom will listen to it at least a year. At least that’s how I see things and as a result, no mistakes should be made.


Nah, I think the one you’re looking for is @Simon.



I’m also considering a health/fitness custom sub incorporating Emperor Fitness, Spartan, Extreme Exercise Motivation etc, but that simply wouldn’t be worth paying for 4 builds to me to cover each stage of EF, since it would just be a supplemental sub. So I’d be inclined to just make one build using EF ST4 for that one, despite the potential issues.


I’ll probably be stacking my Custom Subliminal with the Quantum Limitless Multi-Stage. I don’t think anything is overwhelming as long as you build up exposure. I’ll be adding the custom to my stack once I reach a confident amount of exposure to Quantum Limitless.

Perhaps adding Quantum Limitless Stage 4 and Mosaic to my custom will enhance compatibility.

Which Multi-Stage are you looking to stack with your Custom? @Malkuth


I was thinking about this too and the last option seems like the one that would be most appealing to me because it is more guaranteed to work out well and is cost effective. Only negative I can think of is you have to make a plan and stick with it, because you wouldn’t want to change your mind that you don’t want that multi-stage anymore once you get to IV. I haven’t been able to decide on a multi stage, there’s a few that I would like to try.


Hi @Hermit,

I’ve included Ecstasy of Gold Stage 4. It’s the foundation of my current stack. So, for this custom build, there is no issue.

I raised the topic more because I’m thinking of how I might approach this in the future with other Multi-Stage titles. (Like Quantum Limitless and Alchemist).


Awesome me too! I’ve had some profound results with Quantum Limitless myself, till the point where I could absorb (interesting) information like a sponge. Enabling my conscious mind to receive any information from my unconscious when needed – all of the sudden I had detailed visions, insights or remembrances of past information. Haven’t had experience with Alchemist but it surely looks like a promising multi-stage.


So, what happens if the cores for all four stages of a multi-stage major program are placed simultaneously into one custom subliminal?

Has this been discussed anywhere?

@SaintSovereign @Fire


@Malkuth - would like to know the answer to this too. I already have done the Quantum Limitless Multi stage program until ST3. So am confident that I can add ST4 Core to my custom. But am wondering about adding Ecstacy of Gold ST4 Core since I have not listened to all its stages yet.


@Malkuth, @Hermit, @Fractal, @bujin, @robin_hut - I think this question and answer in the FAQ of the Q Store will answer our queries:

Question: If I want to use the Stage 4 of a major subliminal, should I add the previous 3 stages? Should I be mindful of adding more cores?

Answer: There is no need to add the previous 3 stages, unless you specifically want an aspect of that one stage to be more pronounced in your subliminal, but still having the other aspects in it. Yes, you should be mindful of adding more cores, because the ST4 of each multi-stage title is quite dense. One, maximum two extra cores, anything beyond would require quite a bit of subliminal experience to run. Of course, you are free to experiment


Ah ha!

I fell victim to that old trap of Not Reading The FAQs Thoroughly.

You’re right. And I think I’ll get over there and see what else I may have overlooked.

Also, this advice from you (almost 5 months ago!) is pretty prescient and insightful.

We didn’t have so many details at that time, but your logic still stands.


@Malkuth - Woah cool. Didn’t expect my intuition to be that spot on. Talking about intuition, it was nagging me to check the Q Store FAQ again. I had read it a couple of days back but must have not paid attention when I read the answer to this question. So when I woke up about 10 minutes back and checked the FAQ, there it was staring me in the face lol.


But you would still need previous experience with stage 1-3 to get the full effects of stage 4 added in right? I think this is answer is assuming that you have already listened to stage 1-3 and want to incorporate the full subliminal from 4.


@Fractal - I thought the same thing but apparently not.


Is it advisable to run a custom sub with one ST4 core and 2 single-stage cores?


To clarify, what I feel is that each stage has its own focus. So if we do all the stages of Emperor Fitness in the Q Store, for example, we will definitely have more of an advantage than only doing ST4. But the benefit of doing all stages (in custom Q subs) is more because of the time we are investing and also the focus of each stage embedding itself on a more manageable scale into our subconcious.


@King - my guess is that if we even add one ST4 in our custom Q sub, then we can optimally add only one more other Major Subliminal Core (whether another ST4 or another single stage core like Emperor Core). But I think you will be fine since you have been using the subs over here for a while.