Custom subliminal help. Thank you, Keep being awesome


So first of all Holy shit the subs are amazing thank you subclub. Been using stark alot and the things that’s happening. Is amazing. Almost at 400 followers now on tiktok. Never had this much content ideas ever. Also heads turn whereever I go like a mini celebrity.

So now I got interested in making a custom sub. But it’s like a computer game I know nothing about. So I just picked after my soul.

And this is what I came up with

Auric Overdriver

Blue Skies
Emotional Healing, Results Enhancement, Spirituality

Results Enhancement

Energetic Development XI
Auras, Emotional Healing, Results Enhancement

Gorgeous Manifestor
Results Enhancement, Romance and Sex, Social

Results Enhancement

Results Enhancement

Physical Changes, Results Enhancement
Gratitude Embodiment
Emotional Healing

Daredevil Core
Major Subliminal Core, Social, Status
Alchemist ST4 Core
Major Subliminal Core, Spirituality

Financial Success Reality Shifter

Results Enhancement

Positive Being Attractor - Wealth

Sexual Manifestation
Romance and Sex

The Merger of Worlds
Results Enhancement

Wealth Limit Destroyer

StarkQ Core
Major Subliminal Core, Productivity, Skills, Status, Wealth

Results Enhancement

My idea was to make a subliminal that is a bit like stark that also develop spiritual capacity and self-love even more. Even though I’m already very high on this part.

I’m also planning to make it t2 becaues im crazy. I recently did 9 loops of terminus, And all that happened was my stomach was a bit upset. I felt like I was blessed by divinity.( I don’t do 9 loops everyday) now im doing 2 or 1.

I have done inner work for over 8 years. It have gotten to the point, I can be out and people think im on drugs because I’m so happy. So i actually love the reconiclation time it just means I can fully accept it and go even faster towards my goals

I mean all resistance is just fear anyway.

Would love some feedback. Thank you Fam. Love all of you :heart:


Definitely sounds like you’ve hit many of the Stark points, and Alchemist ST4 for the spiritual angles. You’ve got a bit of variation in there, Mosaic might be helpful to consider to help integrate the different goals.

Good luck with the T2 power level, I’ve yet to try anything T2 myself but I’ve heard it can be a beast… :slight_smile:


Awesome thank you, What would you switch for mosaic I assume a booster. But don’t know which,

Yggdrasil is the tree of life so don’t want to switch that one


I’d probably drop AURA as it’s nonspecific, or Daredevil as that is already built into Stark. Having Daredevil alongside Stark will enhance the effects, but given the different goals, I think Mosaic would be more useful in that particular stack.