Custom subliminal for multistage sub, how does it work?

Hello there,
I have a doubt about purchasing a custom subliminal for a multistage subliminal, like for instance Dragon Reborn.
In the normal subliminal you suppose to start with the first stage, then the second, ecc. In the custom subliminal, if I purchase Dragon Rebort ST1-4, will I have one single audio track, and I will have to listen all at once every time, or I will have four tracks?

Doesn’t matter how many cores in a custom sub, it counts as one sub. If you put all four DR stages in a custom, you listen to all of them at once.

Having said this, it is not recommended to have more than TWO cores in a custom. In your case if you haven’t used DR major title/standard shop title before please consider begin with ST1.


In the Q Store (where custom subliminals are ordered and bought), the four stages of Dragon Reborn are listed as 4 separate Program Core modules.

So you don’t just buy “Dragon Reborn” as you would in the main Shop. You buy the specific module that you wish to include.

One typical approach is to listen to all four stages of the main shop version of a multi-stage program and to then select Stage 4 and include that in a custom for extended further listening. (This approach is both economical and sensible.)

Another approach is to create a custom that includes the Program Core for stage 1, stage 2, or stage 3 if you feel that you would benefit from working with one of the earlier stages for a longer period of time.

Remember that whatever stage(s) you include, it will be mixed with the other 9 to 19 modules that you choose to include in your custom.

People order customs because they:

  1. want to mix, match, and blend a unique mixture of elements into an end-product that does not currently exist in the main Subliminals shop
  2. they would really like to have their name embedded into the subliminal script (allows smoother integration of script)
  3. they would like to build their subliminals in an alternate ‘build strength’. Terminus and Terminus2 are more densely formatted relative to the programs in the main shop.

Thank you, understood!

This referres to another doubt I have. Making a custom, all the selections start with Coutaneous, but if I want a Custom with just, for examples, 4 or 7 titles, in my custom there will be just the one I licensed/bought, right? So the selection I didn’t buy (and in the drop/down menu will be Coutaneous) won’t be part of the custum subliminal…

So, I think I keep my current normal stack (Ascended Mogul - Limitless - Limit Destroyer), and then I will do the normal Dragon Reborn, stage after stage according to the intructions.

When I will be ready, I will make a custom (maybe a Terminus), including the Dragon Reborn stage 4.

There’s a chance to review your selected modules before purchasing, so if A/SPS: Cutaneous or any other module had been unintentionally selected, you’d have a chance to modify the order.

What I mean is this. Just for an example, I buy the first three modules, and I select them in the first three drop/down menu. But I have other 2 drop/down menu with the default selection “A/SPS: Coutaneous”, and so on in the next drop/down menu from 6 to 10. Will I have a track with the just my first three selections, right?

You can pick “no modules” in the drop down menu for the rest of the module slots. Also for zp custom 10 modules is the minimum amount, i.e. a 3 or 4 or 7 modules custom isn’t ideal, the order might not go through.


Thanks, Chase.

I actually didn’t know that answer. :sweat_smile: Since the drop-down menus were introduced, my customs always had 20 modules.

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I spent a lot of time playing around the order page lol

Actually if we leave the unused slot as it is - A/sps Cutaneous, i.e. not clicking the drop down menu at all, it is the same as no module but just in case choosing “no module” is one way for clarity.

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Has your doubt been addressed?

What would you like to build?

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Minimum number of modules for a custom is 10. You can’t choose less than that.

Which means you have to purchase 7 more modules and then build.

By the way, did you purchase Avatar, All-Seeing and Achilles?

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Thanks for your reply. After the answers and some research, I decided to go with Dragon Reborn, just it, alone. Started less than 2 weeks ago. I want to do it properly, and to be honest I feel it, there is something going on in my mind, and is absolutely positive. I think is working.
When I will have completed it, I will go for a Terminus.

I would like to build something helping me to address the limiting belief I have rooted in my mind, and helping me to progress with my studies and profession as well.

What have you looked at in the main shop for this?

What have you seen at the Q shop you might want for this?