Custom sub with three Core ST4 @ Rajeshwer

So I ordered a custom for myself a
Khan 4
QL 4
Rest are
Secrets of Akasha wealth
Financial success reality shifter

Physicality shifter sexiness
Facial morphing
Male enhancement
Prevent premature ejaculation
Perfect style and smell
Serum X

Blue Skies
Direct influencing Aura
Ego Adsum
Negative energy transmutation
Joe de Vivre

For me this is my balance for money and sex with some energetic modules .

You think this is too much to handle ?

I am looking for broader results and will make this as my base custom running atleast for year

Along with this I will be ordering two more customs which are more goal specific

I already have Emperor / StarkQ / Mogul and alchemist , primal seduction as current stack and they have given pretty good results


It will work for you. Based on your past experience, i can predict that even this Custom Q Subliminal will be excellent.


I just want a have it all Kind of custom as for specific needs I would still prefer titles offered by SC as they work great .

So what I feel is this is kind of custom I want to play once in a day and Fortify what I want in my life for specific needs I would play titles as per my need

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Got my custom

Seems like it’s heavy sub to play , let’s see how it goes .!!


I did two loops , with one hour interval in between .
So in second loop , had some bubble bursting or like cork opening like feeling and sound in head . It happened thrice .

Rest I feel normal , may be slight pressure on forehead but not substantial .


I have three cores in the T2 I ordered yesterday. None of them are Stage 4 but it is at T2 level so it should be interesting and fun


I have been following your journal .
Mine is Terminus , with four core . Lol
Let the party begin


Party on, 4 core club!

notice anything self effects, behavioral changes, energy shifts, or results so far?

Done 4 loops till now since it’s arrival
So far so good
No side effects , though I feel very slight pressure on ajna Chakra .

My throat started irritating , which normally do whenever I listen to new sub .

It was bit tough waking up today , normally I wake up at 3:30 without alarm , today it was 4:00 and that also with jerk kind of thing .

Apart from that no reconciliation or negative emotions as of now but it’s just a day . Let’s wait wat it throws at me . I am excited :laughing:

Very much looking forward to hearing how it goes for you,
I originally was going to design a custom similar to your cores
and still may.

I get intense pressure in head on my custom, particularly the Ajna,
we share Phsyicality Shifter-sexiness, Male Enhancement, and Blue Skie–separate than general reconciliation I believe it’s blue skies clearing and/ or developing energies and perceptions.

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Almost 6 loops since arrival

I feel happy for no reason and I feel stable , something different, can’t actually put it in words

Let’s wait wat it brings in

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So today is third day

I felt mr calm And grounded
Felt bit of authority
Also noticed more women appreciating
( May be StarkQ effect )
Also in business many people called out of nowhere

Later in evening reconciliation started hitting , I started feeling irritated for no reason, stopped subs and after two hours I feel joyful again .

I did three loops of custom today and 2 loops of sanguine Ultima
I can feel itching on my whole body , so bech hands and toes .

Felt so good today and enjoyed my day .
I don’t have exact words but I felt high like on alcohol.

Mat ne more of sanguine at play


Something unusual
I feel like listening to my custom more and more , it’s inner yearning and intuition .
And after 2 more back to back terminus , , means already five in a day , I still feel I can take two more .

May be SU took reconciliation effect away .
This is interesting!!! Ha ha

Day 6
4 loops of custom terminus

I feel good on this sub till now .
Whenever there is slight feeling of reconciliation, I just withdraw and play after few hours or next day .
What’s strange is , I can’t listen to StarkQ terminus more than 3 loops in a day but this custom inspite of being so heavy and it has StarkQ too , I feel like I can listen to this after every alternate hour …
I rather feel happy and good about it and there is craving to listen more but I am cautious , I don’t want to burn out or crash .

Simply loving it till now
Body feels light and mind awake .

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Bro I am a bit curious. You opened this journal 23 Days Ago, But Started the Journey 5 days ago. When did you place the order… Sorry this might be completly irrelevant to your journey

Did you already saw effects of the PE Module?

Hi @mecharc
I got mine in 4 working days .
23 days prior I had put all these in cart but didn’t place order .
I think I placed my order two week back , it was Saturday and I think Thursday I got mine

Hi @friday
It’s too early to say specifically if PE is working , it’s just 6 days on this .
All I can tell you is I was never into masteubation but before SM I could last 20-25 mins but post SM I can last appx an hour . Also I added PE as I want to focus on more time duration and I want to preserve my sexual energies.

Day 8
4-5 loops
I still feel this custom is smooth for me, may be it’s so heavy so it might not be hitting anything in particular so reconciliation will come late.
As of now I am enjoying it amd daily running 4-5 loops along with StarkQ.amd SM

I am finding myself more aware of moment , and more aware of my emotions .
StarkQ is making me popular( in my group and frens ) and I am loving it
My girl is more than ever into me and I am loving it .

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