Custom Sub// The Eddie Morra Q

Hey guys

About to start my custom sub journal so putting it here for now.

I’ve got 12 modules on there and will go into detail and post the modules shortly I’m just getting the journal started because

I’ve yet to receive my sub and I’m pretty disappointed because I ordered 1 day guaranteed delivery on Monday and it’s now Wednesday and I’ve still jot received it so I might look to complain about that but other than that I am excited to start this

I’ll be posting my module list shortly and I’ll come up with a better name as I progress it
It’s mostly sexy time with QL4 as a core and some extra stuff around it

Excited! :slight_smile:
The Journey is about to begin


@Nemesis I’m excited. It’s going to be so much fun.

What modules did you select?

Just found your order – not sure how we missed this one, but we apologize for the delay. Your express charge has been refunded and I’m working on your order right now.


Saintsovereign thank you so much :slight_smile:
I know there might have been a neutral issue with the order and i am thankful for you attending to this so swiftly

I appreciate the customer service and i wasnt expecting a refund of any sorts but you went out of your way to do so anyways

Im really glad you handled this for me, again thank you

Ill get on starting me journey off now :+1:


No problem — you should’ve just received an email with your custom. Enjoy!


Now that I am back from work I can go into my list of the custom

So this is kind of a selfish stack in the end. I really really had a hard time choosing from the plethora of choices that lay at my feet so I made to choose the ones I felt most potent for granting me what I’m looking for right now

Here it is I’ll start with the mind/results first
¹ = Core to my development ² = A fun addition

  • Core Quantum Limitless S4 (¹ Intellect gains and creativity)
  • DEUS (² For optimal sub proclivity and development)
  • Male Enhancer ( ² I mean… I am known as a grower not a shower, but I have found myself being a bit self conscious so this is just a nice add on to improve that area)
  • Rogue (¹ I always find myself being a bit too much of a people pleaser and that needs to cease. When I first looked at this I thought this looks amazing)
  • Auric Overdriver (¹ I think this is core to helping any auras I have develop way more powerfully)
  • Gorgeous manifestor (¹ & ² I feel every guy should have more beautiful and gorgeous women in his life)
  • Aura of Craving (² Nothing more than just unbridled desire for attention from the ladies lmao)

Sexy time modules

  • Sphaera Magnetica (² Sounds…good? I’m not quite sure what it will do but it sounded strong so it’s in
  • Instant Spark (² Hoping to ignite an old flame if it works as I read to be, plus the first effect sounds like a lot of fun. Not sure how you use it though)
  • Sexiness Unbound (² Sounds like fun to me and compliments everything else well)
  • Temptation (² Sounds like it has the impact to help women pull the trigger on me after I overwhelm them with my sexiness)
  • Sexual Manifestation (²²² Goes without saying I think plus it compliments the gorgeous manifestor well. Gorgeous women for gorgeous sex™)

Well I’m gonna form my stack with Stark and God like masculinity to see how it goes I;m thinking this for loops

Custom Q (Unnamed but if anyone can think of a good one for my random module list i’ll use it) x 5/6loops
StarkQ x2
GLM x1

Let’s see what we can do guys ^^


Interesting, any reason that you did not go with 20 modules? Also, check out Markdown Tables for organizing modules in posts!

Looking for the source site?

Saving money on this sub mainly and plus I plan on making a 2nd custom down the line which will be a lot of fun and probs be 20 modules

Nice. I will be reading and following this journal. Human potential.

@Nemesis - your stack is erotic fun. If it was me, I would name it “Quantum Casanova” or “Limitless Seducer” looking at the combination of your modules.


Quantum Casanova I like !


Day 1

I feel pretty good

Some good internal stuff coming through but I also felt some reconciliation as well

Nothing too major to report but moving on to day 2

I think the QL4 is the strongest part of this so far

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Did you ran QL all of them? Or just got QL stage 4 because of its description?

Name change i decided on in the end :slight_smile:


I love the name :smiley:

Will follow this journal closely. Best of luck on your journey

Day 2 I feel good and I can sense things shifting here or there

I was in the zone at work and feel like ideas are coming to me better
Not really got much from any of the sexytime stuff yet although I’m getting a standoffish vibe from males so something must be working in that regard

Maybe it might take some time for the auras and such to charge up?

Either way I;m ready for some sexy times
My gorgeous manifestor
Sex manifestor
and aura of crave should be pretty good for that


Looking foreward to hearing how the aura of craving goes for you.

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The sub continues to be good but not anything significant has happened yet

The most distinctive modules working for me out of the custom seem to be the q limitless s4, rogue and ill be honest ive seen a little bit of growth down below

I think its improved blood flow right now because its not become mandingo over night but its small progress and im digging it

Other than that no real hits from any ladies yet

Eagerness to learn stuff is increasing and im coming ouy with the right answers to stuff almost instantly which is good

More to come


Yup :slight_smile: you cannot expect miracles in just 2 days give it a week or two and you should see substantial progress.