Custom sub Muay Thai rec

I am thinking to order a muay thai based sub including fitness core and some other modules. Would you change anything? My goal is to win a professional fight in 2 years time span

Muay Thai core
Spartan core
Emperor Fitness ST4 core

Deep Sleep
Emperor Fitness Height Inducer
Epigenetics & DNA Modulator
Facial Morphing
Extreme Exercise Motivation
Male Enhancement
Master’s Coordination
Serum X
Natural Winner
Physicality Shifter – Sexiness

Anything important that i forgot or any changes you would recommend? Thank you in advance

Why this module?

Hmm,the only other ones i might consider for a fighting sub would be minds eye/submodel alpha for fight simulation and predicting and taking the best reaction to what your opponent does during a fight

Minds eye
Mind’s Eye also contains scripting to help you use your visualization abilities to predict the optimal outcome for any situation you experience. You will receive unending inspiration from your subconscious on how to improve upon your situation. You’ll be able to see numerous possibilities in vivid detail and determine what path you should take. This includes developing business ideas, business systems, running fight simulations, etc.

Submodel alpha
Imagining situations allows us to train ourselves and to help us predict and react well to situations. Submodel Alpha allows us to do this process rapidly, millions of times in our subconscious – a similar process to how AI is trained, on a much more profound, enormous scale. Using Submodel Alpha, you will be able to be prepared for any situation that you might go through and react in the best possible way.

Power awareness might also be useful in a physical/fighter sub but not a necessity

Power awareness
A profound module allowing you to become aware of your full power and potential, be that physical, mental or spiritual.

for shifting your physical body into the state you and your subconscious believe is the sexiest. This includes things such as hair, eyes, voice, body (muscle, fat, bones, ligaments… all of it)

My ideal body type is close to professional muay thai fighter

I agree with this but they suggested 3 cores thats why i didnt want to add more and i do think the other 3 cores are much more crucial. What do you think?

Thats very good module. I will definitely add it. Thanks

Thats another nice module. I will consider it aswell

Any other suggestions are more than welcomed

Nope,i agree about the 3 core limit since we dont know how our minds will handle it and the other 3 are more important. might be a good one to stack together with your custom or put in a future custom to run together with it though.particularly if you can run the terminus version of it.
Would possibly have put in some result enhancers but dont think you have any space left so not much to change and only think deus and pragya are particularly useful.omnidimensional and unlimiter also could be good.if you can fit it in,think deus would be good though since you plan on running it long term

An immense module designed to make any subliminal self-developing and to push it ever onwards in increasing power and efficiency. It will push to the limit all avenues of subliminal input, processing and output, and then continuously develop, pushing the limit further and further. It will also make use of any smaller details needed to do so, such as brainwaves, hormones, energetic systems, etc.

I think both Submodel and Power awareness is solid choices and i would like to include both

The obvious drop is Male Enhancement but what else would you drop from the list? I am between two but i will wait your answer

I would drop either the height inducer or facial morphing since neither are important for fighting but depends which is more important to you.probably facial morphing since its also in physical shifter sexiness,just not as focused cause its for the whole body.