Custom Sub Journal


On 1st December i received the the custom subliminal i ordered from SC. Since then i listen only this sub with two superchargers BL+Legacy The sub is business related

I am interested only on the results of my business and we decided to not include anything that isnt related or it is barely related. From what i know it is a hybrid between weapon x and quantum technology. I dont know many details. I will happily answer any questions i can except the particular business i am in

I am planning to run this sub ‘‘forever’’ since i am not interested in anything and i might run sex mastery sporadically but thats it

First week: My focus deviated from my main business into a smaller one that it might not even be profitable. After i calculated how many hours i could have invested in my main job, i decided to hire someone to do the paperwork of the smaller business which will take a month

I dont know why, maybe because we have something like healing to release past trauma from bad experience the next two weeks i was all over the place. When i tried to study for my work which include mainly analyzing i couldnt focus. I could study 1-2 hours and then i felt very tired

When i tried to run the sub while working, i felt my motivation and focus dropping significantly. If i have an average of 80% focus i was down to 20% often browsing internet. I have some assumptions why is that

-Sub is powerful and my brain still adjusting//getting used to it
-I am training on Muay Thai again and i feel more tired overall
-A combination of both

The positive aspect of the last three weeks is that i am eating significantly better food and i am working out again. I really hope that sub is working something on me because i have the same feeling as when i was on Khan ST2. Like i have to push myself really hard to work and focus while before it was more natural

Since i received the sub i am less annoyed by bad days at work. I always have a big smile in my face even after a shirtstorm which wasnt the case before. My girlfriend is very positive and she really helps with my mood. Its always nice when both are positive in a relationship. My previous relationship was a bit toxic and i am really happy i found this woman

Another important fact. I found somebody that can provide me with faster software for a cheaper price that can potentially save me a lot of money BUT i got the software today and it crashed. I contacted him and he told me he will fix within few hours. I hope he is honest because i already paid him. I dont worry much since he seems a legit guy

I dont remember anything else now but if i do i will write

The purpose of the journal is
1- Write about my experience and when i look back i can observe what happened, where i was and where i am. I am too lazy to keep a personal journal and i think this forum is great to do it
2-I will write about my dreams since i have quite often and most of the time i remember them when i wake up
3-The only goal of the business is making money. Nothing less. Making a lot of money. I will start tracking today and i will count in units since i dont want to reveal how much money i am making


I’m considering a custom sub myself, and I’ll watch your journal. I’m thinking of a custom EoG sub, though I’m really intrigued by the custom New Beginnings sub Saint used in recent months.

I’m using Kahn now, but my mind has been on money acquisition and management since I have some invested and growing presently. I grew up poor, and the poor beliefs associated with it draw me to a custom sub since I’ll be able to address those beliefs directly.

Thanks for making a journal. This is interesting to me.


Nice to see someone journaling on a custom sub. How long was the wait before you received your sub? I’m planning on ordering one for my own as well once I save up.


I wouldnt buy anything from the shop custom because it is already there. For me the purpose of a custom should be something that you cant find in the SC


First contact was in August. There was a lot of bad communication and i thought they werent interested on this project. Support needs to be improved significantly, its the only frustrating in this company. When i talked to fire it was ready within 2-3 weeks. I ‘‘gave’’ him the freedom to do whatever he thinks is the most optimal since i dont have any experience creating subs

I cant say do it or dont do it. I didnt understand any important difference only with Khan from SC. I used many subs from here and i could see a better me on while running anything so i assume the custom will work. I dont want to say anything positive or negative for the custom since its not even a month running this

I am just journaling my experience


I am definitely interested in minds eye. I hope it will help on how to visualize rather than enhancing current skill


I see, thanks for the info. I hope the progress can be more smoother in the future for others.


Around 25th day mark results arent good. My productivity is subpar to say at least. Both my working hours and studying hours took a dive comparing to september october november. Possibly my worst return in money too

I experiment with running the sub while working, my focus was all over the place. Something similar happened when i was running the sub when studying. I took many breaks which is unlike me

On the very positive the new software is running smoothly and it can potentially save me money in the future. Also the seller is very honest and helpful

I am thinking propably the best is running during sleep and awake when not working or studying. Propably 12 loops during the day which will be very challenging since i work 8-10 hours and i study 2-3 at least

More details end of the month


loops 396
hours 296
total profit -136.1

I decided to reduce the loops from pushing as much as i can to steady 12 loops per day starting on 26th and observer my results again. I will definitely not listen while working but i will do some when studying

Happy holidays everyone and remember subs are a tool and not a magic pill


How is it going for you?


Interpreting your non-response, I would say your sub is working :wink:


I am working a lot. A spent a decent amount of money to upgrade my gear but results are poor. Actually yhe last 6 months are the worst of my carreer

Many downs. Sub doesnt seem to help enjoying night job which is a module we have. I am currently listening 10-12 loops

A quick wrap up would be. I see improvement on how i handle bad days. I have a very nice gear to work with and i found someone who can help me
Cons. My debt is bigger now than before

I will wait more tonsay anything but i am working like crazy

Do you think i should push and listen all day?


10-12 loops means 7.5 to 9 hours.

That’s quite a lot.

Up above it says you started playing the sub around December 1st. So, you’re two months in. Even if the last 6 months have been the worst of your career, only 2 of them were with this subliminal.

If it’s something big that you’re working on, I would say keep on with your current pattern. But I’d also say it’s time to do some conscious strategizing to go along with your subconscious working.

My opinion would be to let your subconscious keep developing with the subliminal. Let it go. But it’s time for some conscious strategizing.

What in your lifestyle feels/looks like a good move to make? What specific step do you wish you could take in your actual life? And what makes the most sense to you at this time?

How do you feel about your plan and your strategy at this time?

I mean these questions to be rhetorical; for you to ask and answer them of your self. Not asking you to answer them here.

What are your gut and your instinct telling you, @rising?


I dont understand what you mean on this part


Subconscious is the roots of the tree. Below ground. You can’t see it, but you can feed and water it. Your conscious life is the trunk and branches of the tree. The parts you can touch and work with directly.

The subliminals work with the roots of the tree. Makes them healthy. Aligns them with your chosen values and goals.

But we still need to tend and shape the trunk and the branches. Our conscious life and our conscious choices and strategies.

When they all line up, good fruits grow out.

The subliminals may be working fine. They may be strengthening your roots, and helping your subconscious well. Maybe.

It’s possible that it may be important now to look at the trunk and the branches. To make sure that your conscious strategies and choices are also how you want them to be.

That’s what the statement meant.

Now, is my statement correct? That’s a different question. You can answer that better than I can.


@rising - am curious. When you got SubClub to make the Custom subliminal, did you give your “real” name or your user name which you use in SubClub? Am just wondering if by any chance, your birthname wasn’t added in your custom sub so it didn’t work. Am just taking a wild guess here though.


I dont say sub isnt working but neither is working. I said i will wait more. I gave my real name