Custom Stack (new)


I need help creating a custom with those core modules, or something similar to them.

I have no experience in making customs.

Eagle Eye
Power Can Corrupt Q Core
Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core
Spartan Core
Codename: Umbra
Dragon Tongue
Leader of Men
Lion IV
Alpha of Alpha

Is this good enough, looking for something that’d help me survive through the military.
(inclined towards making lots of acquaintances)

Welcome Bro!

You’re definitely missing Survival Instinct

I don’t need it, I’m not going to fight as a soldier, I’ll become an officer which basically a high rank and that doesn’t require Survival Instinct, I just need some mental fortitude and alpha male leading energy and some intelligence to read the room and control the air around it, I’m still quite young right now so I want something I could rely on for the rest of my life, sadly no one has helped so far…

Welcome to the community, Officer.

I would suggest some result enhancers such as Mosiac, Yggdrasil, Jupiter and Deus. Especially Mosaic.

I’d also suggest contacting the support. From what I understand, they would be able to tailor one that truly fits your needs, especially since it’s your first one and it quite seems serious in my perspective.

One last note: Ascension; you might find it suitable to stack it, it seems appropriate for that kind of environment.