Custom q and finding your sweet spot

@SaintSovereign I’m having some trouble assessing the right number of loops for myself. My other issue is very often I’ll put up with heavy reconciliation if I think I’ll grow faster. But sometimes it just ends up in distress with no payoff.

I have a hard time discerning what’s good for my growth vs unnecessary suffering. I was being challenged a bit on 2 loops, but once I kicked it up to 3 I felt it was shaking me up more. And then I just ran 4 loops the other night and I’m feeling it today. Thing is, while 2 loops had me feeling good I kind of felt I was cherry picking stuff that would make me feel better without making concrete changes in my life. Kind of like patting myself on the back to make me feel better, but I wasn’t actually doing enough to warrant it.

Then again I don’t know if that was me being impatient and wanting to change faster. In addition to that potentially not recognizing progress no matter how small and being too harsh on myself.

It’s just not been straightforward for me and I’d appreciate any advice you have.

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May be too simple, but have you considered alternating? 2 loops on one day, 3 on the next. Rinse & repeat? There’s a concept in weight lifting where one day a week you lift either your maximum or slightly above your maximum just to let your muscles have a taste without wearing them down by doing too much too often.

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I’ll be honest I had not considered that. But that might be good. I seem to be fairly level on 2, but 3 pushes it a bit. I also brought this up in my journal and @Hermit had recommended taking long breaks in between loops as well. I may have unintentionally self sabotaged myself by going overboard with the exposure.