Custom Lucid Dream Subliminal

Hi, can anyone advise on what would be good for custom Lucid Dream subliminal?

I think I should be considered a beginner when it comes to Lucid Dreaming but I want to be able to pick up the ability as quickly as possible.

One core module and 9 non-core modules set to Terminus.

This will complement my daily run of Glorious Dynasties. Maybe I will call this one Dreams of Glory.

While I want to run Ultima Dreams before I sleep, I also want to run a customized Lucid Dreaming subliminal.

The 9 possible modules which I think will be needed for this include

  1. Deep Sleep
  2. Dream Traveller
  3. Informaticon
  4. Omnidimensional
  5. Submodal Alpha
  6. Raikov
  7. Merger of the Worlds…
  8. Ultimate Writer


Definitely Astral Projection X as a core

Astral Projection is a different game. If there is no Lucid Dreaming X, I may probably use Mind’s Eye as a Core.

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I think Mind’s Eye would be a good inclusion. Might be coincidence, but I listened to minds eye last night before bed and had a very long, trippy dream.

I agree Astral Projection X could be good too. I’m in the camp where Astral Projection could actually be lucid dreaming, but I’m uncertain. I like to think of it that way though until proven otherwise, because if say you meet a negative entity, you can just shrug it off if you think you are lucid dreaming while in astral projection people could worry it’s after their soul or something. Haven’t really had success with astral projection though (maybe just one amazing lucid dream event that could be considered AP) so I’m no master in this area.

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That happens to me everytime I use Minds Eye before bed, so I guess no coincidence there.


Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Out of Body experiences are one and the same thing only categorized differently according to the experience, because there are differences. If one is able to Astral Project which is a more advanced version of Lucid Dreaming, then one is also able to Lucid Dream.

You need to master Lucid Dreaming to master Astral Projection, eventually to master Out of Body experience at will (consciously). Each of those practices enables you to access a higher level of the Astral, hence why they’re symbolized differently, but all in all they’re the same thing.

In order to gain Lucidity over your dreams you need to increase consciousness & awareness; Mind’s Eye, Quantum Limitless, Alchemist are the programs that come to mind. There might be quiet a bit on the road-map till the end of this year, so I wouldn’t as of yet create a Lucid Dreaming subliminal, who knows what they’ll release by then.


Good to know, I’m gonna do that more often now!

That’s a neat way of putting it and would explain my own experience where I think I was AP. It’s like I went deeper and things were more real and meaningful. Also as the experience ended, I was sucked backwards through a vortex with all these high pitch chirping sounds. Other lucid dreams never ended that intensely.

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